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Friday, February 01, 2013

The anticipation of an upcoming trip brings along with it lots of planning, preparations, and excitement. So it is with my upcoming trip across the border into Onederland! There’s been lots of planning over the last year, more recent excitement as the time is approaching, but little preparation in some ways for the trip which is nearing. I began thinking about previous trips I have taken and realized I needed to get on with some specific details for my trip into Onederland.

Well, the trip is now booked. I have chosen to cruise into Onederland with Celebrity Cruise Lines as I am feeling somewhat of a celebrity. This trip is for me, about my health, about my fitness, and about my lifestyle. With all that attention on me I have made myself into somewhat of a celebrity I’d say. I even willingly pose for photos because I don’t mind being seen in a picture anymore. Therefore Celebrity Cruise Lines seemed the appropriate choice.
With my trip booked I became aware that I had been negligent in getting the necessary documentation for crossing a border. I promptly went to have a new passport photo taken. Filling out the application I proudly told the truth when asked about my current weight. I’m okay with the number now. I am excited about the number because (Did I tell you?) I’m going to Onederland.
Passport photo taken Feb. 2012 New photo taken Feb. 2

If you’ve ever crossed a border you’re well aware that you’ll have to pass through customs and immigration questioning. With all my documents in hand now I started to think about the typical questions I would be asked by the officers and how I would be replying so they would approve my entry into Onederland.

First, they always want to know where your destination is. Now that’s a tricky one. Somehow in my mind that implies staying put in one place which I do not plan to do. I will be honest with them and tell them I plan to keep moving because I can’t afford to stop racking up those fitness minutes. I will not become complacent and sedentary, I will move, move, move.

There’s always the inevitable question about how long you plan to stay. Now that’s an easy answer. Without a doubt, I will confidently respond, “A lifetime.” I know that may raise a few eyebrows, since there are typically limits on the length of stay allowed in a foreign place. However, I’ve heard that it’s different in Onederland as thankfully they welcome people there for a life time.

The officers are also always so interested in what you are bringing into the country with you. What can I say? I am coming with a lot less than I would have a year ago! Can’t they see that? Of course not. They don’t know me. I’ll let them know I’ve left 70 lbs behind which I refuse to take across the border with me. Admittedly, I am taking along an entirely new wardrobe which I don’t have to claim. I’ve also heard tell of the abundance of fruits and vegetables, water, fitness equipment in Onederland so no need to bring any of that with me either. Much of what I am bringing with me into Onederland is unseen to the eye of the immigration officer but I want to share some of that with with him/her anyways. I’ll tell him/her about the healthy recipes I’ve collected, the repertoire of fitness routines I’ve memorized, 5 km training schedule I am now familiar with, the menu planning I do, how I check on line for restaurant menus to plan ahead, and... Oh the officer is looking bored. The officer looks like s/he’ll interrupt me and sure enough s/he does. They just want the bottom line. S/he’ll ask me “What’s the total value of the goods you’re bringing Ma’m?” All I can answer is that it’s priceless. What I am bringing into Onederland cannot have a dollar value attached to it. I am living a healthy lifestyle and that is worth far more than any dollar amount to me.

When the officer is finished his questioning he finally wishes me a successful trip and I know I will hear the roar of cheer from my Spark Pals on either side of the border. They, who’ve so faithfully cheered, supported, and listened to me this past year will continue to encourage. I owe each them so much for the various ways they have influenced me in my journey to Onederland.

Traveling on standby, I am not exactly sure of the specific date I’ll be leaving but I know it’ll be in the second or third week of February when I cross into Onederland. The preparations over the last year have had their ups and downs and their challenges. As a matter of fact this trip has been delayed twice as I had originally scheduled it for November 19, 2012, my birthday and later I was to have gone before Christmas. This time I know I won’t miss the boat. Celebrity Cruises has me on their passenger list, I have my passport, and I’m ready for my customs and immigration interview. I have just one thing to do yet. I need to pack!!!

Will you be joining me in Onederland? I’d love to see you there. Oh, I’m expecting to see many of you, my friends, there! I’ll be there to greet you with banners and noise makers when you cross the border into Onederland. I look forward to seeing several of my Spark Pals who have traveled to Onederland ahead of me. Oh the fun we’ll have.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great blog, Marie! And, very imaginative! I wish you a successful trip and with the help of our fellow Warriors, I hope to join you there someday soon.

    emoticon emoticon

    1938 days ago
    You are going to have a WONDERFUL cruise! Awesome.
    1938 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    Yipee!!! I know you'll be there soon! Love this blog and the visual it gives!
    1939 days ago
    This is a fabulous blog Maria - you are so creative. I am so excited for you!
    1939 days ago
    PRICELESS!! emoticon
    You dont even look like the same person in your passport photo!
    Very well done emoticon blog!!
    1939 days ago
    Such an exciting trip you've planned and worked so hard for. What a huge difference in your passport picture, not only can you see the difference, but you can see you are happier and have a healthier glow about you. I'll be making a trip into Onederland myself this year, but it will be a couple months before I get there and I'm excited to see you there and celebrate.
    1939 days ago
  • MIRAGE727
    I never thought I would ever cross into Onederland! When I did, I was shocked, speechless, and numb! BUT, it showed me what I could do! I embrace a healthy lifestyle 100% and never looked back. I believe that's the real secret, embrace a healthy lifestyle and stay on the journey forever! You see where you are going. You are fighting a continuous battle. You are building a powerful weapon, yourself! You have the passport to go wherever you want if you have the will! Stay positive, strong, and be well!
    1939 days ago
  • RONI122
    Very entertaining! I bought my ticket! i'm joining you!
    1939 days ago
  • SHERRY3969
    I love this blog. You have a knack for creative writing.
    1939 days ago
    OMG, I absolutely LOVE this blog! This is SO much fun = ) I'm on the Lido deck waiting for you with a Skinny Pina Colada! Can't wait to see you!
    1940 days ago
    This has got to be one of the best blogs I have ever read! You are so creative and such a great writer! I am so excited for you!

    1940 days ago
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