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I am back online, and with bone scan results

Friday, February 01, 2013

I am finally back online today! I have a lot of messages and emails to catch up on, but too much to do all in one day. Of all the things I do online, I missed Spark the most, even more than Facebook!

I ended up having to get a new computer. I've spent a good part of the day trying to recover passwords for different sites (I didn't do a good job of writing them down, or updating my hand written records if I had to change them online) and trying to remember some of the various sites I had bookmarked. I am still using my old keyboard though; it is one of those ergonomic ones; I tried using the regular keyboard that came with the computer, but after using the ergonomic one for so long, I just could not type on it; it was as if I had never learned to type at all. Another new thing to get use to is using Windows 8 instead of Windows Vista, my mom got me one of those "Dummies" books to help with that.

I have been keeping track of my exercise minutes and other goals that I track on Spark, so when I am done with my blog I get all that info entered in to my trackers.

My bone scan results were mostly good; a few new bone mets on the ribs, but the majority of the mets are stable. My oncologist is concerned that my tumor marker numbers are creeping up again; he is not going to change my treatment though just based on that number. He will see where it's at next month then possibly do some more tests. For now I am continuing with the chemo (Gemzar) and the Zometa. I just finished two weeks of chemo in a row again, so I have next week off. My hemoglobin was at 10.8 before Tuesday's chemo, which is good for me; it's up enough that I won't have to go in for lab work on my week off.
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