Yesterday's Fitbit Goal - 100 Flights of Stairs

Friday, February 01, 2013

Can I just say how much I am LOVING my Fitbit! I've worn a pedometer before and have been motivated with the number of steps I could see. But all the stats from the Fitbit is REALLY keeping me moving!

One of the stats it keeps is how many flights of stairs you do (calculates it by an increase of 10 feet in elevation). Yesterday was my rest day for my half marathon training but I knew I wanted to still be active. I set the goal to do 100 flights of stairs. I announced it to my family and they were Wonderful support, asking me throughout the day where I was at.

We have a split level home. There is a flight of stairs to get to our front door and then once inside We have four different "levels" with 8 steps to get to each one. If I walk down to the bottom level all the way to the top it counts as 2 flights (going down does NOT count).

It was a TOUGH goal to reach. My legs burned, my right knee hurt! At 8:30, when I came home from a church meeting, I had 81 flights in. I was determined to finish. My 3 youngest were on the top level watching a movie so each time I reached the top I'd tell them the number I was at. They were so cute cheering me on.

I was Thrilled to finish my night with 101 floors, more than 11,000 steps and a calorie burn of 3500+. WooHoo!

I don't think I'll make it a weekly goal but maybe once a month I'll try to outdo my previous best on the flights of stairs.


Tomorrow is 7 miles, going to do it outdoors instead of my treadmill. Should be interesting.
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