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The Look Of Love Is In Your Eyes

Friday, February 01, 2013

I took Princess down to the basement this morning to put her out into the back yard. We have a glass door at the basement entrance. She was looking through the door at something in the basement entrance. I looked out expecting to see maybe a rabbit or a squirrel in the stairwell. I saw a black cat.

I tried to pull Princess away from the door by her collar and she growled and stood on her hind legs trying to get back to the door. I went back upstairs, got Princess' leash and a choke chain, went downstairs put them on her and brought her up and put her in my bedroom. Crellie, my cat, was already in the bedroom.

Then I went downstairs and opened the door. The cat ran to the top of the steps, turned, and meowed several times. It was 22 degrees out with blustery winds. I called to it and it came back down the steps and came into the house. It was skittish, but didn't run from me. It went to Princess' water bowl and began to drink and I think it was there drinking for 5 minutes. I thought to myself that probably all sources of fresh water for it were probably frozen.

I went to Crellie's food bucket and got a handful of food and put that on the carpet for the cat. I then went into the workshop, it followed me, and I put it into Crellie's litter box and moved its front paws around in the litter so it would know that is where I wanted it to do its business.

It was a black long-haired cat. It looked like it was missing part of its tail, though the hair had grown over the end of its tail. It had white on it chest and between its front legs on its stomach. It had green eyes and was not declawed. It followed me around and would go off to investigate the basement returning to me. I sat in a rocking chair and it got up on my lap and let me pick it up from the floor.

I went upstairs and took Princess outside on her leash, loosing her once she was outside. She sat on the basement steps and peered in through the door. I had to keep telling her to "Go potty" until she did. When I let her in, I again took her upstairs to my bedroom and shut her in.

I would have loved to have kept my new-found friend, but Princess would have probably tried to kill the cat. I called The Humane Society and they came and took the cat. I posted a notice on a local radio station, Craigslist and a couple of internet sites.

The cat was in very poor condition, but so loving. I could feel all the bones in its back and hips. I feel as though I did the best I could for it in these cold temperatures. My husband has said no more animals since there is nobody to watch them if we want to go somewhere.

This cat would try to put its head between my arm and my body and was very gentle. I don't know what its gender was. I thought male, so I called him, Jack. When I petted him, he would hold his face close to my glasses and stare into my eyes. My prayer is that he will be adopted and given a forever home. I am so glad he did not freeze to death by my door. He was a little unsteady on his hind legs when he first came in. The cellar entrance is concrete and had a skiff of snow on the steps. His fur on his back was wet in one spot when he first came in and he had a bur near his rear and one matted into the hair on his tail. How long he had been outside, I don't know. A few weeks ago, I saw something go over the fence in the back yard when I let Princess out at night. I thought it was the neighbor's dog. Her name is Raven, and she is all black with long hair on her tail, but maybe it was Jack that I saw. If so, he has had many days out in the cold weather.

My heart breaks that I couldn't keep him. It is at times like this, that I wish I had an income so I could have gotten him veterinary care to make sure he was all right. The Humane Society is NOT a no-kill shelter. For whatever time Jack has left, he will be warm, fed, and have water to drink and that is the least I could do for him. May God grant that someone falls in love with him and adopts him.
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