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Friday, February 01, 2013

A few days to go before my weighing week is over and I find myself considering whether to stop the detox/weightloss phase of the Cura Romana because my weightloss has slowed. For example so far this week I have lost just over a kilogram instead of the 2 or 3 I was kinda expecting to release.
Get this, I am thinking about how this week is affecting my average weekly weight loss, I want this to be higher, so I can say I am losing at .5 kg a day. And I am worried because an upcoming commitment might impact on the third week of my consolidation period, which I think is more important than the weight loss phase.
What madness is this?!? And where does it come from?

Well, at least some is from ideas in my environment. I've been looking for blogs from folk who have done the Cura and in my travels come across a lot of commentary on how this diet doesn't work, how dangerous it is, and how bad for you it is. I know that very low calorie diets are not the best way to lose weight, I have my own reasons for choosing the Cura and I am comfortable that they are sound. And yet... As during the first week when I was worried my weightloss was surely too good to be true, my weightloss has slowed down.

Maybe my conscious and my subconscious should have a little chat together and sort this out.

This leads me to think also about how we incorporate the messages in our environment of hatred and disgust about fat people (no offense intended, this is the term I prefer to describe myself). I have noticed such an increase over the years in overt and subtle commentary, it seems to have become quite acceptable to loathe, despise and be horrified by us.

It makes me sad to see the extra burden placed on us, when life is hard enough carrying around all that extra weight.

And in response to the comments below, thank you so much for your thoughts.
Yes, Janet, I so agree about maintenance and have been giving it a lot of thought, as you can see. And so the idea that one dinner out will sabotage my maintenance is just downright silly, as I did realize, at last. Because I am going to be in maintenance from day 45 on. And I'm planning for it. I think I will be able to exercise more when I have released more weight because I won't be at risk of injury. Already I am doing six hours a week in 4 sessions, and plan to add another 90 minutes when I come of the weight loss phase of the Cura. I harbour secret hopes that it will become safer for me to walk on hard surfaces and I can resume walking to work, which I dearly loved until my knee problems kicked in, and I started piling on extra weight.
As for slow and steady weight loss, I have done so before, but not maintained, and yesterday I read in the paper that another study has found that it doesn't improve your chances of maintaining at a lower weight. It is plan B, but I am trying this route to see if I have more success.

It seemed right for me, it made sense according to what I have been reading about weight loss, and my body seems absolutely delighted to have this opportunity to release the excess weight, even if every now and then a stubborn kilo takes a day or two circling the plug hole before it goes down the drain. I feel absolutely fabulous, and absolutely confident I can complete this six week phase. The thought of another long haul to lose the excess weight just desn't appeal. Whereas the thought of mastering maintenance has my interest and I am eager to begin.
Many thanks, Sparkers, do stay in touch because I am thriving on the spark community, and really appreciate your support and concern.
emoticon and I love Zumba and I love the Cura Romana.
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    Slow and easy is the best way my friend, before I started to Spark - I tried everything ! No kidding - saran wrap to lose inches !! (Ok - you can laugh) Jenny Craig all kinds of crap, which worked for a while then the pounds packed on and doubled !! Scary - the best way is slow and easy, and there are plenty of times that in the past I have been stuck - put the scale away - do not focus on the scale - I find for me that I almost have to trick myself into weight loss - no kidding - think thin - and the rest will follow - concentrate on eating whole foods - Hugs Karen - it will happen !! emoticon
    1902 days ago
    One time I tried a self-devised diet. It was a simple breakfast, fruit for lunch and perhaps soup or a sandwich for dinner...nothing else.
    I lost 50 lbs. in 6 months. I kept it off for a few years then it crept back 5 lbs a year.
    What was wrong? I didn't plan for maintenance.
    I think had I had Spark or any diet companions I may have been able to do so.
    If you are healthy and you keep and eye on your health, and I mean really check yourself out, that a surge in weight loss as you are doing will give you the mental boost to be happy.
    BUT you need to plan for maintenance.

    That means increased exercise to burn those calories and enough calories to keep you "aging" system happy. We are not in our 20's anymore!
    1902 days ago
  • ASTRA58
    One of the problems with a calorie range that is too low is that the body goes into starvation mode and starts hanging on to every pound/kg with everything it's got because it thinks (rightly so) that it is not getting enough energy to fulfill what it needs to do for normal energy needs. It's not going to let you shed the weight if it needs it for basic survival.

    I don't know how low you mean when you say low-calorie, but I urge you to evaluate what you are eating. If it's below 1000 calories, that is too low for any human being and the body will be in starvation mode.

    Please take care of yourself.
    1903 days ago
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