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The "Nuh-Uh" Foods

Friday, February 01, 2013

Making changes to your diet takes some effort: trying different foods...boosting your intake of fruits, veggies, and whole grains...portion sizes...we all know the drill. But it also means telling yourself "no" when it comes to certain treats. Everything is fine in moderation, but I've found that there are some foods that I just. Cannot. Buy. If I do, my skin turns green, my dress turns black, and I cackle Wicked Witch of the West-style as I face plant into one of these tasty delicacies. Next thing you know, it's all gone, and I'm left feeling frustrated and disappointed in myself.

The funny thing is that these foods aren't necessarily my favorites -- but they do have some kind of weird tractor beam effect on me. Last night I fell victim to two of them, I'm sorry to say. I was at the gym from 5:30- 7:00 and went straight from there to run and errand. I then headed to the grocery store for a massive purchasing trip (hello, Super Bowl weekend!), and didn't leave until almost 9 PM. By then I was starving and my willpower was weak. Usually I pack some food to hold me over, but it didn't work last night. I came home with an angel food cake and a bag of Pop Corners. The cake was actually really dry (I didn't know that was possible with angel food!) so I tossed it, but not before I ate two slices (yup, I admit it, I ate the icky cake anyway). And the Pop Corners, well...they've gone on to a better place.

It made me so angry, but it was a good reminder that I need to plan ahead, and mustn't allow myself to cave to those in-the-moment cravings. I was curious what foods you guys have on your don't-buy list? Here's mine:

1. Angel food cake. Obviously, we weren't meant to be. Plus it tastes like sugary clouds, so even though it's not the worst cake for you, it does go down quickly!

2. Pop Corners, sea salt flavor. I don't snack often on chip-type foods, but these disappear in a heartbeat.

3. Energy bars. I will occasionally buy one of these in between work and the gym when I'm already hungry and won't be able to concentrate on my workout without some sustenance, but at home, to me they are basically a candy bar with the excuse of being "better for me than chocolate." Dangerous!

4. Fruit Newtons. Seriously, they are little handheld apple pies!

5. Baked goods (more than one at a time). Muffins, brownies, scones, cookies, whatever -- I will treat myself to one now and then, but I can't buy any half-dozens or dozens!

6. Mock ice cream sandwiches (made from cool whip and chocolate graham crackers). This is actually a "recipe" I found on Spark, and they are good -- maybe a little too good. I can't keep them as an on-hand snack.

7. Yummy cheeses. I'm not talking your basic run-of-the-mill pepper jack here -- I mean the applewood smoked or cranberry-cheddar tasties. Ooh, baby...

So, note to self: always travel with healthy snacks and do NOT go to store starving AGAIN!!

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  • BRADMILL2922
    Why did your opening give me the visual of you dressed up like the Wicked Witch of The West, tapping your fingers together saying, "I'll get you my yucky angel food cake"? Strange, I know...

    As for my list of no-no-no-hell no's...

    1. Cheese. I'm with you on the yummy cheeses.

    2. Cheesecake. I like to keep it in the cheese family with the top of my list!

    3. Bread. Garlic bread, rolls, homemade...any of it!

    4. Pasta stuff. I LOVE Italian so things pasta related (especially alfredo) need to stay away!

    5. Chips. More specifically Chips & Salsa. That is a bad binge food for me!

    6. Orange Slices. You know, the candy ones that are ALL sugar?!

    7. Muffin type things that include coffee cake. So good but so NOT good!

    I suppose the list could go on but I think 7 is a good number as it is what the author went with. But now I am hungry! I will skip all of my above things and go grab some almonds :)
    1962 days ago
    I make really deadly banana chocolate chip cookies. They're like puffy soft banana-bread muffin tops, with dark chocolate chips. They melt in your mouth and are delicious even straight out of the freezer, where I hide them to prevent myself from eating them all.

    I've got some mushy bananas right now, I might make some tomorrow. I'll post the recipe, maybe. Dun dun DUNNNNNNNNNN! emoticon
    1963 days ago
  • STAY39
    I am so untrustworthy! My kids have never seen a box of cookies or snack crackers, etc. in our house because I am the type who cannot resist finishing an open box - even if I just opened it! emoticon So I shell out the extra $$ to buy all individually wrapped 100cal snack bags for any school or home snack treats. For some reason I never touch them and that is worth every penny to me!
    1963 days ago
    Don't you just hate that? Shopping on an empty stomach is a horror show. Every once in awhile, my husband buys one of these lemon pudding cakes, and I always think I can have a thin slice. Well, enough thin slices and half the cake is gone. Total empty calories! Single-serving almonds stashed in the glovebox might be a good strategy, or even running to the Wendy's drive-through for a baked potato or small chili. Might not be totally ideal, but worth it in the long run to keep junk out of the house.
    1964 days ago
    Twice since Xmas Mat has brought home "Hobo Bread" from Trader Joe's, and twice he has only been able to eat the last slice, because I ate almost the ENTIRE loaf! It's basically like one big muffin, made with molasses and nuts and raisins and it is so delicious I just can't stop eating it. It's mostly wheat flour and has a ton of calories (a little over 2000 for the whole thing), so while I guess it could have been worse, it was pretty bad. Luckily, I usually do the grocery shopping!

    And yes, grocery shopping while hungry is always a bad idea!
    1964 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/1/2013 10:35:28 PM
    Holy crap, Erin!! Hahaha you just made my day!!!

    We all definitely have nuh-uh foods! Mine was ice cream for the longest time, but I am getting better.

    Now it's bacon jam. It shouldn't even be a thing, but it is. I've asked Mom to stop making it because it's sooooo dang delicious!
    1964 days ago
    I'm sorry but your statement " I cackle Wicked Witch of the West-style as I face plant into one of these tasty delicacies" made me laugh out loud! Hahaha Mainly b/c I can so relate.
    My do not buy list is:
    Cake: any kind, I can't keep it, I will devour it.

    Ice cream: mainly just a big tub of it..recently I got these 80 calorie cups of plain vanilla that I don't seem to have a problem with. But any other kind I can not keep. I will eat the entire gallon in one sitting.

    Candy: Skittles, Starbursts, Sweet tarts, basically anything Willie Wonka, certain chocolate(not all)

    CHIPS: Any kind, doesn't matter, I can't keep them...This is a major, major BINGE food for me. Like get the family size Doritos and eat the entire bag in one sitting kind of binge.

    Those are my main ones. Recently we bought some starburst jelly beans...they were in individual little boxes of 50 calories a piece. 3 boxes were a serving for 150 calorie snack. I did good. Sometimes I'd eat 3 boxes, if I had the calories, other times one or two boxes. I didn't binge on them, I ate them in moderation. That was new for me, normally I could eat a whole huge bag of starburst jelly beans. But them being individually boxed like that helped me keep it under control.

    Yeah it happens, we get in a hurry and get in those situations where we are starving. The most important thing is to not beat yourself up and move past it quickly. Which I think you have done already, so bravo!

    You got this super Erin! :)
    1964 days ago
    On the do-not-buy list
    Mine are:

    1. cream puffs (the creamy center when it is nice and cold is delicious!)

    2. diet sundrop (I am addicted, but even though it says DIET it's not always good for you)

    3. chinese food (quick and easy, around the corner lol)

    4. frosted flakes (lately i've found an alternative....multi-grain cheerios so yummy)

    5. cheesecake (need I say more?)

    By the way, I usually tend to leave like a pack of crackers or maybe a bag of peanuts in my glove compartment for emergencies. Works every time.

    Good Luck!
    Viktoriyah Leigh (:

    1964 days ago
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