Three Things: 2/1/13

Friday, February 01, 2013

Rabbit, Rabbit.
(If you know, you'll know).

Intro: a semi-daily, indulgent blog about one woman's war on clutter, one teeny battle at a time - by ridding herself of 3 things a day.

A conservative toss for 2/1/13:

1. A too-black-too-greasy eyeliner pencil that smudges everywhere. Part of a giant makeup box targeted at 12-year old girls that one buys at one of those giant “big-box” makeup stores (because you can't get to Sephora), but I simply HAD to have when I saw it last year (I tossed the box months ago), a complete waste of $20 – I experimented with different colors of eyeshadow in turn until my results proved conclusively that yes, depressingly, one does eventually reach an age where one appreciates the subtle elegance of a neutral palette. Or, to put it more simply: the window on my ability to pull off turquoise eye shadow slammed shut years ago.

Result: Thrown away, not looking back.

2. What was not a $20 waste was the concealer I ordered from Sephora, but this little packet of facial cleanser came with it. They offer you three samples whenever you order. Almost a good idea. For me, it's a gateway drug to buy more stuff. Before I placed my order, I had no idea this stuff existed. Now I can’t live without it??? I suppose I could keep it tucked into a travel kit, but I hate taking things on trips I don't normally use. It's bad enough the water is too hard or soft and my normal shampoo doesn't seem to work right – and for the moment, I don't go on many trips. If I want a small sample of random product that will make my hair look frizzy and unmanageable, the hotel will provide it. (And please don’t suggest it’s good for camping. I’ve done my time in hell).

Result: Thrown away, with a little tug at “but you could have used this!” Be strong.

3. The jar from a used candle. Last year I spent a couple weeks burning candles and saving the jars and lids. I repurposed a whole set to hold paper clips, rubber bands, etc. I also bought an entirely different line of candles and to this day use them for drinking glasses. The pictured jar does not match that set, nor, for that matter, do I need another piece of stuff to hold more stuff – though I recently broke two drinking glasses. Unfortunately, I think it's pretty, but that alone is not reason enough to hold on to it. Formerly, I’d squirrel it away for when I make homemade fleur de sel caramels so I’d have a pretty container to put them in, but if you go to the trouble of making homemade caramels for gifts, I promise you that even if you hand them to your friends in a greasy paper sack they will be fine with it. If I have a need to hold stuff, I have other containers currently sitting empty -- but maybe not for long, if they wind up on the "3 Things" list in the future.

Result: Recycled. As an empty nester I need no more drinking glasses and buying a candle would be bringing in more stuff. If I want the “fix” of a pleasant scent to greet me at the door I’ll have to give the dog a bath more often.

Keeper of the Day:

Why, you may ask, was I considering throwing away this box of green tea? I had this friend who raved about green tea. How pretty it is. How lovely a nice glass of iced green tea can be on a warm night or after a workout. I don’t care for green tea but I – ha! Gave in to peer pressure (giggle). I know it’s good for you. I need to sip something at night to help me sleep (that isn’t wine or beer). I like to be healthy: I think I can learn to love/like a cup at night as part of a “self-soothing” ritual – maybe while typing this blog.

"Buy, buy, says the sign in the shop window; Why, why says the junk in the yard." ~ Paul McCartney

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    I have renamed what I am trying to do. It used to be "going through" my stuff to see what it was that I needed and what I could live without. I am amazed at what I have in my possesion that I seem to think I need. Really, just how many fake white pearl-like necklaces does a woman need?? I have now started calling what I am doing as "purging". This means to "get rid of", to "eject" from ones environment. This means that if I haven't used it, it goes away! Recycle, donate, trash....I don't care which. And if I am too lazy to get it to a donation center then I must trash, it's too easy to stick it in a box thinking it will go to someone deserving and then the box ends up on a shelf somewhere. Wasteful, yes...but maybe I can learn NOT to buy what will not be used up, worn out and gone, gone, gone!
    This is such a good idea, doing it 3 items at a time seems to have less impact on that Scottish side of my ancestry that screams at me that "There must be SOMETHING we can do with this piece of unidentifiable plastic that had to have SOME greater purpose!"
    You have a super day!
    emoticon emoticon

    1963 days ago
    1964 days ago
  • LADYJ6942
    Great job downsizing, keep at it.
    1964 days ago
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