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One word for January- ASTONISHING- Down 16lbs

Friday, February 01, 2013

I am not sure why I am surprised, because God is so very good. Sometimes we take so many punches, we forget that there is a plan and purpose. You know when you pray a prayer, make a plea with God, talk it out with Him, and then it actually happens... ASTONISHING.
So after the 31 days of January, I am down to 266lbs from 282. emoticon
I am down 3 inches in my waist, 2 in my hips, and 1.5 in my calf. emoticon

I started this year making a commitment of health to myself, to my family, to my God.

I credit the 17 Day Diet with jump starting my weight loss. With giving me the rules and direction I needed to succeed at the time I needed it most. The diet rules were easy to follow and I didn't feel deprived. I do not feel it is any kind of coincidence I was being bombarded with Blood Sugar Stabilization information prior to deciding on the diet. Nor do I think it was a coincidence that I found a brand new copy of the 17 Day Diet book at a thrift store one day in late December for only 99ยข when I rarely, almost never look at the books. After completing cycle 1 with much success (losing 12lbs in 17 days), I had some trouble following cycle 2, not because it was difficult or that the rules were restricting, but my mindset changed.

I am excited to say that I feel free. I got a clear message last night during my prayers that prior to this year, I was idolizing food and weightloss. What should be second nature was taking up many hours in my thoughts and my focus was on my food. All the tracking and planning and focusing on what I was going to eat, when I was going to eat it, where I was going to eat, how much... I was making dieting my God. No wonder I wasn't finding success. No wonder I had no peace. No wonder I was so frustrated. I had pushed God out of the process and decided on my own what I was going to do. No wonder it didn't work.

My walks and runs have become time with God for me. Since I can't talk in my head very well, then yes I am THAT lady who talks to herself walking down the street. I assume people think I have a bluetooth headset, so I don't think too much about it. LOL. When I take the dog for the little half mile loop around the block, I feel like the weight of the world is off my shoulders. I know my focus is in the right place.

I have known for a very long time my purpose on earth was to help people. The specifics were not so clear, but I have a gift of being able to relate to people in a way that others can't and my life experience seems to be able to help others. Although I may talk too much sometimes, my gift is there in my words. I know that the difficult times in my life, those days, weeks, and years that I don't understand, I know those times were lived for someone else I am going to meet down the way that needs my life experience to help them through a difficult patch in their life. More than ever I feel like my purpose is weight-loss and healthy living in a way that glorifies God. We have forgotten that we have a purpose and the Devil will attack us and throw us so far off track that we get distracted from what we were put on this earth to accomplish. How long has your weight been your distraction? For me, I can honestly say about 18 years. For 18 years, I lived with a distracted life. I have a purpose. So do you.
I have said many times "I just want this weight gone so I can focus on something else. Weightloss is a terrible hobby." I feel like I am finally there. It is not because I lost an amazing amount this month, eventhough that is much appreciated and exciting, I would have been just as happy with 5lbs. I feel like my mind is where it needs to be. One day my story will help a lot of people. I feel it. I know that stalling my weight loss is just pushing my purpose further and that someone somewhere is missing out the message, because I haven't arrived yet. This is the year.

Since eating has become second nature and is no longer considered an event, I have time within my thoughts to think about other things, to put my focus where it belongs. I am not a slave to food. I am not a slave to alcohol. God has set me free from my bondage and I know I sure as heck don't want to put myself back in the prison that used to be my own thoughts, actions, and behavior.

Thank you God. Thanks to my family. Thanks to Spark friends. May we all continue to have success and find our purpose.

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