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Friday, February 01, 2013

Hoyo! February 1st - shabam, it's the proper month for a Bean to be born!

How was January?

1) Hit 1000 fitness minutes:


Ka-blammo! Not too friggin bad, considering I'm now 2 days short of 38 weeks preggo! Yyyyeaaahhhhh!!! The thing I am most proud of? I skipped ZERO workouts! I moved a yoga day from one day to another, and swapped a few days around, but all-in-all, the number of workouts I set out to complete in January was achieved. This is fantastic! I wanted to get more walks in, but we hit a SERIOUS cold snap here for a couple weeks, so Zumba Wii had to do, and that's okay!


2) Weigh between 165 and 168 lbs on Feb 1st.

Drumroll please.... Today, I weighed in at ...

166.5! Ha! Exactly in the middle of the range I was going for? That's just cool. emoticon

Sodium retention is psychotic though. I gained 2lbs overnight in water from eating some Chinese food, and then it took 2-3 days to take off. I've been hitting my minimum 3L water per day, and that's helping immensely.


3) Get the rest of the house ready:

Work in progress! Brad is working crazy hours again this week (67 as of this morning, he probably has a 10-11 hour day today, but hopefully off tomorrow) so he hasn't been able to get some things done I've liked, but that's okay. My parents are up these past couple days helping me batch cook.

Okay, I say helping, I mean they are mostly doing it and I'm the clean-up crew. Wednesday was the shop, yesterday was prep (my Dad spent 5 hours chopping veggies!), and today is the big cook, assembly, and baking day.

They are going to come up again next week for 3-4 days, Dad has a specialist appointment in the city, and is going to clean my carpets! Yay!

Soo... kinda? I'm keeping the house in much better condition than usual, and I've even gone so far that I ironed the nursery curtains and sewed a button on a cute pair of hand-me-down baby jeans. So even though I might not be hitting concrete goals/plans, I am getting more domestic! emoticon

Goals for February:
1) 500 fitness minutes. This may change, especially if I have the baby early then get put on 6 weeks rest. But I am going to Zumba class this coming Monday, my gym membership goes on hold as of Feb 14th, so I have to make the most of it, right?

2) Have a baby.

That is all. Not putting too much pressure on in terms of weight/calories. My typical daily intake is up to 2500 - it's been in the 2700s the past few days. Staying up an extra 2-3 hours every night waiting for Brad to get home/socializing with my parents is accounting for slightly more caloric intake. Especially because Dad is all "It's my treat, it's for Bean!"

Still have not caved to a Blizzard though!! Haha, a frosty, yes! A baked yummy Starbucks treat, yes! A Blizzard... not yet emoticon

Happy February!! AND SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!!! emoticon
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  • ROCKMAN6797
    You are amazing Grace!
    I love that you only have two goals for this month and I especially love the 2nd goal! Too funny!

    1935 days ago
    Simply Amazing! Post partum ... unless youve had a csection ... you can usually at least walk ... As fit as you are (I was that fit post second child) they encouraged me to move move move! :)
    1935 days ago
    Does your cape get in the way when you are doing Zumba? You seriously are super woman! Can I just say you have accomplished more while carrying around little bean than I have while only carrying around myself? LOL. emoticon If I am ever lucky enough to be pregnant and start a family, I hope that I can be half the awesome woman you are during pregnancy, such an inspiration to us all. Good job on smashing the goals, and your February goals are perfect! emoticon emoticon
    1936 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/1/2013 6:50:30 PM
    Wow, Grace, you're doing fantastic in setting and achieving your specific goals! Keep on being awesome and good luck with your little one arriving this month. emoticon
    1936 days ago
    You are awesome! You give every pregnant women a bad name and you know it!

    Keep it up girl and I can't wait to see pictures of when the "bean" is born and has a name!
    1936 days ago
    WOW! This blog made me smile from ear to ear and get a little emotional in a good way. I'm so SO impressed. As ECARSON22 said you DEFINITELY get the Awesome Pregnancy Award!
    Your so organized, motivated, and taking care of you and bean. I'm just in aw!
    I'm super excited for you and happy for you and VERY impressed by how you've done with your pregnancy. It's very inspiring!

    Way to go!!!
    1936 days ago
    I echo Erin - we're not worthy!!!

    Bravo, kiddo, that's awesome. Er, mommo. Mommo? Hmm.

    I think after bean has arrived you should, at some point, celebrate with a Blizzard. You will have earned it. Unless that avoidance is a personal pride type of thing. But with you, I think you could have one reward and not go crazy. Especially as DQ doesn't deliver, and you'll be largely housebound immediately after babykins arrives. Heh, although you're "large-ly" everything right now.

    Which makes me amazed again at your gym dedication. Woot! Post more big-lady-workin'-out pics if you can, eh? They're spectacular and so motivating!!!

    P.S. I was thinking about taking a multivitamin, after looking at my nutrition tracker recently... and was wondering if - since we're probably a year off from "trying" - if it would be appropriate to start taking a pre-natal vitamin. I mean, it's PRE! I told Max to see if he'd freak out, and instead he got really cutesy. SQUEEEE!!!
    1936 days ago
    You are amazing, Grace!!! Seriously incredible.

    It's so great you have your parents there to help get things ready for Bean. I missed my family so much when I was pregnant, and flew to Texas to see my mom and sister at 34 weeks. Maybe not such a great idea, since my water broke the day before I was to fly home (34 w 6 days) so DS ended up being born in Austin! He was only 4.5 pounds and breech, so the awesome natural birthing centre birth I had envisioned didn't happen. But we were okay in the end so that is the most important thing!
    I will be thinking of you all and hoping you have a peaceful, easy birthing!
    1936 days ago
    Happy birthmonth!! Congratulations on reaching your goals. I am incredibly impressed.
    1936 days ago
    Have a great day and month. Today would be a great day for a baby!!! My ds was born 35 years ago today! lol

    Do say hi to your mum and dad. HOpe your dad is okay, specialist apt? We are off to Old Port for lunch with our son.

    So yes this is a great month to have a baby!!!! Good luck with all the preperations and hope you feel great all the way through!
    1936 days ago
  • BAKER1009
    Wow, you just proved yet again how emoticon you are! Way to go Grace!

    As for your calorie range, that's perfect for you right now, and if you plan to nurse, that's right around where you'll want to be! It seems like so much, but you begin to adjust after a while. Besides, when you are nursing, especially in the very beginning, you'll find that all you want to do is eat!

    I'm so excited for're down to the last 2 weeks, and you're definitely in the "safe" range now! I wish you nothing but the best. You've done so well with you're body, it's going to repay you in big ways when labor arrives!
    Keep up the great work girl!!
    Big, Big emoticon
    1936 days ago
    What a great update! You are a great role model for pregnant women everywhere. Can't wait to hear that he has been BORN!! pS. I had my first at 38 weeks on the dot!
    1936 days ago
    Okay, you officially get the Awesome Pregnancy award! You are DEAD ON with all of your goals, which is incredible! Most pregnant women I know, especially by the time they are at 38 weeks, are just trying to make it through the day, and here you are making goals for fitness minutes!

    I bow to you -- we're not worthy!

    Were you batch cooking stuff to freeze so that you don't have to worry too much about cooking when Little Bean gets here? That is a GREAT idea! In fact, I might have to do some of that just for convenience -- although our freezer is always pretty jam packed. I'm gonna have to work on that next, I guess -- organize the freezer!
    1936 days ago
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