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Diving in... no, wait... wading in.

Friday, February 01, 2013

I went back to work yesterday. It's not as though I did not know this was coming up, but suddenly, it's here. The next big project is about to kick off. I will have a key role in it. That's what they always say to everybody, because there is a lot of work to do and a short time to do it in.

It will consume the organization for the next year. It will have a bunch of oversight at a level that will probably keep a lot of pressure on all of us.

What the heck does that have to do with Spark? Well, as many folks know, a mentally challenging, absorbing, yet sedentary job can suck the energy right out of you! Overtime in such a capacity, even more so. This leads to "bagging the workout" and collapsing on the couch... if one lets it.

Seriously, this kind of work scenario while trying to train for a marathon? Not my dream... my nightmare. Because it's hard to keep the balance.

Nevertheless, rather than immediately "bag" the marathon (remember I still have the option to drop back to a half), I need to meditate and pray and seek guidance and balance. My goals are important to me. My health is important to me. Health, even more important than my work. I believe I am a better worker when I keep my balance.

So my pep talk to myself is in the title... yes, there is a lot of work. Yes, it is a short time from now 'til January 2014 (in my line of work it is truer than you'd think - 11 months can fly by). But it will do NO ONE any good if I throw myself so deeply into the front of the race that I lose steam (or keel over from stress / inactivity induced health issues).

So... WADE in... assess. Plan. Keep your balance, Barb. Listen to your body, and know when it needs to be active and let the mind run free. For sure make good, sound, nutritious food choices. And hydrate... in short, take care of the body, where the mind lives. Don't try to force things. A fresh mission at work is ONE part of LIFE, which is good.

Spark on! emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Yep, what you said.

    1936 days ago
    Wading is good Barb--Don't jump in-------Lynda
    1937 days ago
  • _LINDA
    Yikes! Nothing like work overload and stress!!! Exercise is a great stress reliever but doesn't do any good if you are too exhausted to do it :( Here is hoping you are able to find some kind of balance and can keep up with your program. A full Marathon is maybe asking just a little too much of you during this time...It will interesting to see how you 'run' with this! As always, a great inspiration, I am sure, what ever solution you find!
    1937 days ago
    I've been out of balance in Jan.
    New month, new resolve.
    Your blog hit the spot!
    1937 days ago
    Wading in sounds better than jumping in the deep end right off the bat. I have a sedentary job also and seems things from corporate never end. Would love to have a breather for a change, or be able to finish one thign before the next promotion starts.
    1937 days ago
    Love my job . . . and like you try to keep it in balance with all the rest of my life. Life is better with meaningful work: work is better with a meaningful life!!
    1937 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1937 days ago
  • ANDI571
    1937 days ago
    Balance and moderation are two difficult nuts I need to focus on cracking.
    1937 days ago
    What a great pep talk!! Balance, Barb. You are absolutely right.

    I wonder now if I was working if I could manage a more balanced approach. I always found myself way overfocused on work. I did lose a lot of weight while working, but I didn't really learn maintenance until I was a part time worker and then retired.

    I admire your commitment to balance your life with work and fitness. You can do it!!

    Hey, where is the picture of the mommy hugs? Just too personal? If so, that's fine, but I'd love to see you just where you ought to be, hugging on your son and him hugging you!! So glad he is back. Perhaps he can be part of the way to help balance your life and work.
    1937 days ago
    Well said - balance is the key - as is maintaining your health (both @ and outside of work).
    Namaste my friend.
    1937 days ago
    Such an excellent blog! We definitely do have to weigh our options . . . always . . . and change up our options as time goes on . . . . if needed.

    HUGS and good luck!!
    1937 days ago
    I remember those days of work deadlines.....I hate to say it, but yes.....fondly. But I know how stressful it can be on your mind and body, and this is a long period of time, even though it won't feel like it. So please be kind to yourself, but also strict with yourself in staying the course. Come marathon time, you'll be glad you did!
    1937 days ago
    You are totally on the right track ... and you are right about time. I've told two people in the last couple of days "Christmas is 10 months and 3 weeks away". It helps me keep in mind that time really does fly by ... and things don't actually "sneak up" on us. Often we just chose to ignore what we don't want to deal with because we don't have the time, energy or desire to engage in the work it takes to accomplish a task. You, though, you've got that basic foundation firmly in place that gives you the ability to recognize YOU have to come first ... your eating, your mental health, your physical health ... knowing that NO ONE else can do that for you. What we often sacrifice for the "organization" is often more than we can really afford to give up if you look at it from the "me" angle instead of the "them" angle. Good thought process ... good plan ... emoticon
    1937 days ago
    I hate to tell you but 11 months flying by happens to us all no matter what we do, as we get older. I'm still trying to figure out where the last 20 years went.
    1937 days ago
  • GABY1948
    emoticon blog...and you got the answer right on the nose..."meditate (on the Word), pray, and seek Wisdom! You will be victorious, Barb... emoticon
    1937 days ago
    Continue to take it one day at a time....remembering your line in the sand. emoticon
    1938 days ago
    Dig in deep and don't give in to the pressure.
    Keep your balance. Focus on what needs to be done.
    First things first. Losing your health will only make
    it harder.
    1938 days ago
    I think that it is great that you have the marathon goal during this time. It will keep your health on your mind and not allow you to go into a health "slump".

    Good for you!!
    1938 days ago
    Good luck in staying active and eating well while needing to be focused on a work project. Keep those priorities in order.
    1938 days ago
  • MAGGIE101857
    Good advice - we all have the tendency to rush in like fools! I like the concept of wading in emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon much better!!!
    1938 days ago
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