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Thursday, 1/31 Recovery Week 6-Lots to Consider

Friday, February 01, 2013

Hi all,

Today has been a somewhat sad day for me--I think the frigid temps here are having something to do with it. I know that I am feeling a bit blue and that the pain in this knee has gotten on my nerves today.

I putted around and did a lot of quiet things around the house this morning. Then, I left to run a couple of errands and finally, I went to the pool. It was a tough experience for me. I knew that I would have to back down from the intensity and types of activities I was doing before my hip replacement surgery. I started with walking around the pool and quickly found out that all I could really do was regular walking--no marching, no side sliding, and definitely no lunge walking forwards and especially not backwards. That hurt my knee more than anything I can describe. I tried some arm exercises and the one foot work is also totally out right now. I did some of the kicks I have been doing in therapy and they went okay. I couldn't swim either, but I really enjoyed just floating around and relaxing in the pool. I guess I didn't realize how hard I had been working out, but I now know that I am going to be taking things slowly for a while.

While I was at the pool, Sadie managed to get the remote to our Direct TV equipment and chomped it seriously. That cost us $25.00 because somebody left it down where that silly puppy could get it. She is getting so big and she weighs at least as much as Lady, only is 3 times as tall. She is sleek and slender, but is all puppy. I have to remind everyone that she is just barely 5 months old and does puppy stuff--she is just as big or bigger than many adult dogs which is hard for them to notice.

I don't even want to admit this, but after not having made it to WW last week, I went tonight and gained 4.2 pounds. That seems pretty unreasonable, but I also noticed that my hip and knee are swollen like crazy tonight. I did a bit of crying over this knee because my husband brought me one of our "hard" ice bags that wouldn't sit on my knee, let alone relieve the pain and that left me feeling pretty frustrated. Oh well, now that it is said, I can get to the task at hand, of losing this post-op weight. I have tried hard to be active while I have been home, it is just that I am not working with the intensity on balance, endurance or strengthening like I was doing. I have been working on mostly functional movements. It's important activity, but hasn't helped me with weight management or loss.

Throw in some of the typical squabbling that can go on in a family, especially one the size of ours and that makes my day completely off-whack for me. (for example, I decided we would have chicken for supper--oh my, I think they should be glad they had good food to eat--and no, we haven't had chicken for 5 days. I try to balance things out so we eat a variety of things without repeating. It is my guess that pizza would have made them happy, but I won't allow that more than once in a week. I get to make those decisions and that's that!!)

Anyway, it's colder out now than when I started writing this. Lots of schools are starting late and I will probably keep mine home. I don't trust the bises enough to let my kids go on them when it is at a below freezing temp like -20 or whatever they are saying. It will be my loss, more bickering, no doubt.

Stay warm today...Happy Friday!!

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  • _LINDA
    Wow! I never thought your area could get such cold temperatures -for sure the worst when you are suffering like you are :(( Sorr about restarting your pool exercises -sure know what that is like after having to restart my fitness program over and over endlessly it seems like.
    Its a shame the family complains about chicken, one of the healthier options out there, makes me shudder at what they expect regularly, pizza once a week? No wonder they are packing on the weight :( Maybe its time to dive into the Spark recipes which make old favorite comfort foods a whole lot healthier -if I was a cook I would love to have them myself! They were even featuring southern fried food made up healthier in a Daily Spark blog recently-didn't think that was possible to make things like that healthy.
    Hoping one of your health professionals can figure out how to help your knee..
    {{{gentle hugs}}}
    1906 days ago
    Hugs! I fixed chicken last night too and little boy grumbled. If it isn't hot dogs, hamburgers or pizza he isn't pleased. I just tell him "I don't care...eat your dinner."

    I'm having an emotional ride today for whatever reason. Just on the edge of everything. Will increase my progesterone cream and I have my Holy Basil at the ready. Doesn't help that Isaac is having a "bad" day which translated means he is very autistic today with his behaviors. Those days are so tiring on the parent. Wonder how those days make him feel inside.
    1908 days ago
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