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Swim Starfish!! (Not Like That... )

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Current Status:
WOLFKITTY will help her starfish fight the tide, until it turns!
set 2 days ago

Well, if anything I think that my choices have been more unhealthy rather than healthier since I posted this determined status. :-
I've seen my starfish at approximately the same spot for so long now that I decided to see if I should temporarily change my goal to something closer, to make it feel more like it's right within my reach.

I experimented, to see if I'd react any differently. Maybe I was hoping for a little bit of magic. ;) Haha. The top one is my long-time general goal- lose 200 pounds. Then I tried just focusing on getting to weighing 200, then closer at losing 150.

What I found was I wondered if I would feel cheated when I DID get toward the end and had to move it backward to accommodate the next little bit of goal.

THAT is unappealing, so I'm keeping it at the original setting. It never hurts to look at something to find a new perspective. ;)

Tomorrow is the start of LOVE month..
Loooooooooooooooove yourself month!
Great excuse to pamper the body you love every month!
Great excuse to get the blood pumping through your heart! MMmm!
With... EXERCISE!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait.

My very good friend from work, the one who encouraged me through CrossFit, and helped me when things were emotionally challenging before that(the limited way a stranger who doesn't really know what is going on inside can--haha!), had his last day today. He's moving on to another company, and I'm happy for him, but sad that we won't really be able to keep in touch (he says he doesn't have Facebook). I have to let him go, like a favorite season, or a really good year.. Every season there's the opportunity to enjoy it, but it won't be exactly the same ever again. Now is now, and that's okay.
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