Cold! Minnesota norm

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Still feeling good about the news from the Radiologist yesterday. No biopsy needed! Work was good and stayed warm inside. The temps was -2 below on the marque on a business.
Windy too. Since I worked late until six, Jim had already eaten so when I got home I cooked up some talapia fillets and cheese bread. Said in my calorie limits too. Trying so hard to get back on and stay on track. Too late and too cold to go for a walk. Thursday is our "TV night". So just vegging tonight.

Asked a coworker to work for me on Saturday. That way I can spend the day with Jim and relax for a change after all the stress with mammograms form the last week. Will work on Sunday so will be home to watch the big game that evening. We usually watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. I am so out of football, I don't even know know (or care) who is playing.

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