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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hey Anyone who is out there! I hope you are doing well. I have continued to stay stagnant with any weight loss and am getting very frustrated with myself.

And yesterday, on the way home from work, I stopped at the store and bought chips (my kryptonite) and ate half the bag while driving home. I then hid the bag from my husband so he wouldn't know! Yikes! What's wrong with me!? So, this morning, he happened to see the receipt and was just looking ot see what I bought... oh I see olive oil potato chips! Ooops! Busted!

But what makes me think that the momentary pleasure of those chips is going to do anything for me? Other than make me feel guilty and fatter!!

I don't want to have to lie about what I am eating! I don't want to want those chips!

How about you?! Have any of you done this kind of stealth eating lately? Or, if you haven't what keeps you from doing it?
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    Hello Ladies! Happy Monday...

    Thank you all so much for your encouragement. I was not online all weekend... but I should have been! Super Bowl weekend parties did me in... but I like your advice... reading the ingredients and nutritional content... drinking a cup of hot tea at night when I want that chocolate... and just not having any of that inthe house. There is no place in pantry for unhealthy snacks... but I find a way. Like buying then and eating most while in the car... or just going to gatherings where others have them! But I need to learn to say no! I weighed in this morning heavier than ever in my life (other than pregnancy) and I can't let it continue!

    In my mind, these are not vanity pounds to lose. They can very easily sabotage my health. Even an extra 10 lbs can push you toward diabetes or high cholesterol if your genetics is in that direction. I really DO look at it as a health issue. I have lots of obesity, diabetes and heart disease in my family history. Sooooo.... the weight needs to come off! ASAP! It's just so much harder now that I am over 50!! Yikes!

    Looking forward to reading about each of you and forming a supportive network. Let's do this together!
    2233 days ago
    Seems like these gals are on the same page as you and I....the thing is you are alot thinner than I am; so when I sneak-a-snack it really sabotages my healthy eating plan! Not sure if this idea will help you, but I have cut sweet and salty snacks completely out of my meal plan until I meet my goal, then I will have them in moderation. Anyway, I have replaced my chip spot in the pantry with nuts (no salt, no roasted) and my sweet spot in the pantry with raisins and dried fruit....has worked so far, but this is only my second week. I will probably look to you for advise when I start struggling with plateaus. emoticon
    2235 days ago
    We all have those moments where we say "To hell with it" - mine is chocolate. I'll tell myself that I will just have 2 or 3 hershy kisses (coconut hershy kisses) but I end up eating wayyyyyy more and then feeling the guilt after.

    I am like you - only vanity pounds to lose, eat healthy, exercise regularly. I feel like I'm doing everything right and do you think I'd see the scale move? NO.

    But WE can not give up. What WE have to do is stop obsessing over the scale and concentrate on being healthy and living a long healthy life.

    So the next time you go for those chips say to yourself "will eating these help me achieve my goals?" Try to think before you eat them. Look at the nutritional information on the bag and read the ingredients, the fat content, the bad chemicals. Then if you really want them and really feel you have to have them then go ahead. But promise yourself that if you are going to eat them, you will make up for it by taking a longer walk, eating better the next day, or something else that will make up for it. And if you decide NOT to eat them, reward yourself for making that good choice. Maybe promise yourself that if you can go a whole week without sabotaging then you will buy yourself a new pair of earrings or get a pedicure.
    2237 days ago
    My stealth eating that never gets tracked is the skittles I pop in my mouth when I go to bed. Fortunately, I live alone so only my cats know and they don't much care! But, there are other times when I have what I call the grumbly-munchies. I'm still learning what to do about it. Today, I was given the excellent advice to have a cup of hot herbal tea. Drinking it slowly...it was hot...I found that it eased those cravings. Trust me, I've been drinking scads of water but I simply have decided that I'm NOT GIVING UP. Not this time. Check out my blog of that same name and you'll see. This is not a diet. It's a life changing journey. One that requires much patience. In the responses to that blog, someone wrote a list of different food items and said I know there not going to tackle me and shove themselves into my mouth. Which not only made me laugh but made me realize I have the power over what goes into my mouth. You'd think being over 40 I'd know that, wouldn't you? And yes, we are all human, we have setbacks but the most important thing is to not let the setback keep you back. Accept the mistake, acknowledge it and then make a fresh start. Keep the train upright as I'm prone to using train analogies ;-)

    Anytime you need someone to vent to or need some encouragement, I'm here for you. Just give me a shout out! One foot in front of the other keeps you going forward.
    Take care and I hope you've had a good day!

    2237 days ago
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