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Thursday, January 31, 2013

so I figure it's the best time to set some goals - better than a month with 31 days, anyway. Hey, baby steps.


So I wrote all of the below, then got an unexpected call from daughter #2, who took her car in to be looked at by a local mechanic. He's a father of three daughters himself, and she said that when he looked underneath her car, he just blanched and told her that she could have been killed, literally any moment, driving that car. Apparently the steering is so bad that it's a hairsbreadth away from locking in a right turn, sending her into the car next to her or over the cliff (and in Pittsburgh, there are plenty of cliffs.)

The thing is, she got the whole steering thing replaced a year ago, so this mechanic is going to have words with the place that did it, and with any luck she can work out a way to get the other things fixed on some sort of payment plan. I wish I could help her, but she makes more than I do, by quite a bit.


In light of the above shakeup, I'm considering just swearing that in February, I will be A Proper Grown-Up and set a Good Example for the Children.

written earlier:

I'm not even going to promise to log everything, because I know I won't do it. I won't log food - I've sworn too many times to do that, and it never happens. I'll try (and don't get on me about the Yoda thing) to check off the water and freggies, but I don't promise.

I *will* promise to do some sort of fitness thing every day, even if some days it's just the One Minute Yoga. And I *will* promise to log the fitness - I'm interested to see how much I actually do and don't do. I worked so many jobs where fitness was just sort of a side effect of daily life, like when I had the landscaping company, that it's difficult for me to make exercise a daily priority, but now that circumstances have changed, I see that I need to do this.

As a corollary to the above, I promise to wear the FitBit every day and remember to download its info. I also promise not to throw another one into the washing machine, still attached to the bra it was clipped onto - that was getting expensive.

I also promise to cut back the glasses of wine from 3-4 to 1-2 (no, it's not an every day thing.) No problem there - just need to pay more attention. That goes hand in hand with the next one:

I promise to do the dishes after every meal. (Thank goodness that doesn't start til tomorrow .) That might seem like I'm being an awful slob now, but if you live alone and hate to cook, you really don't generate that many dishes, so they're easy to ignore..

I also promise to be sure I'm getting a sufficient amount of protein.

That's enough for now. February isn't a great time to swear to eat more vegetables or fruits, since I'm pretty much devoted to local produce and right now there isn't any. I'll promise that in another couple months.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow...what a month!
    1958 days ago
    That is so scary about your daughter and the steering wheel. I'm glad she had it looked at.

    I loved you goals! So uniquely you.
    1961 days ago
    Geez, Louise!! That's quite a list there!!! I think you've about covered the bases!! Do what you really care about and forget the rest. (I don't care if you don't do your dishes. You live alone, it's OK!!)
    1962 days ago
    Great goals list!
    I know what you mean about having a job where fitness was part of it. I taught dance for 7 years and could easily burn up to 600 calories on those days. Now that I have to WORK at it....
    It ain't that easy.
    1962 days ago
    1962 days ago
    Hey...those goals are pretty admirable! At least you don't lie in public! Smirk...I have many sparkling friends that are just too...well...perfect!

    I'd like to shadow them for a week or two and make sure they REALLY eat only nutritionally balanced meals with each and every lettuce leaf properly calculated into the tracker. Come on Lucy! No one is that perfect every single day of the spark week!

    But...on the other hand...maybe that is why they have a ga-zillion spark points at the top of their page and I have a measly...what is it...20,000 something after almost FOUR spark years!

    Some days I'm reduced to grabbing a 3 point booster on the recipe page...and DON'T get me started on those that take the 3 points without even rating the recipe..there should be some spark zapper that flys out of the keyboard for those who rant without rate.

    I'm going to my Slow Cooker RIGHT now to make my Slow Cooker Spanish Chicken for tonight...ohhhh those 3 extra points are going to feel SO good tomorrow!

    Seriously I love my it to the moon and back. It really inspires the booty to keep moving! AND...I don't have to log goes into the tracker automatically!

    Boy howdy! emoticon The wonders of technology! emoticon
    1962 days ago
    I hear you about the dishes: I used to frown at my mother-in-law's habit of rinsing them, putting them in the dish-drainer, then re-using them, without soap and hot water in between. She lived alone, and only washed dishes "properly" if people came around for a meal. Now, with the kids grown and gone and just the two of us rattling around here - I can sorta see that the ol' lady made sense. Far better things to do than a few dishes. Besides, why waste the soap / hot water until there's a basinful?
    1963 days ago
  • _UMAMI_
    That's what I would rec to you in your part or the world, at this time of year.
    Also, I have no idea if this is legit, but we've had many, many grey days for weeks, and, even when it wasn't grey out, I'm kind of a skin cancer poster matron, so I started taking Vitamin D, and I realized that today, despite stress, lack of sleep, the usual, I felt pretty damn good! I'm NOT a supplements advocate, but I think I may try to keep taking the anti-depressant med supplements: Vit D, FIsh oil, B vitamins, etc.
    1963 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1963 days ago
    Don't forget to make your bed.

    (Just kidding! Whatever is important will rise to the top of the list and get done.)
    1963 days ago
    I have sworn back to my Fitness for 28 days. I began with Spark in January but it took the entire month to work out what to do. I almost QUIT so February was my first success. I hope I can repeat the result.

    I hope your Daughter is able to get that car fixed. I hope it was a dealerships garage and she has the paperwork too. It is good the new place will attempt to help.
    Take care of yourself and eating more protein always works for me. I rarely feel hungry with protein.

    HUGS Pat in Maine. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1963 days ago
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