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Testing Update #2

Thursday, January 31, 2013

We still haven't gotten the Kiddo's ITBS scores in to see if she's eligible for the Magnet program (delivery of the scores has been delayed twice so far, now supposed to arrive sometime next week!) -- but the Magnet School's Open House for parents took place today...

Y'all? We *have* to get her into that school!

It's not even the school itself (which, to be honest, looked a lot smaller and more run-down than her current school). But it had a really positive vibe, a brainy-friendly feeling (without feeling too "Montessori"), and I really felt like she could just bloom there. 18:1 student/teacher ratio, a music program, lots of extracurriculars and tutoring opportunities, just really remarkable.

The problem? Presuming she'll meet or exceed the required scores on the test, the only problem is the lottery...and today, the problem got worse.

Or rather, it didn't get worse, today I found out just how much worse it was.

I knew that there were less spots for the kids trying to get in after 4th grade.
I knew this.
I just didn't know *how many* fewer spots there were for the older kids. Check it out:

In 4th grade, there are about 145 spots for kids.
In 5th grade, they take, on average, 5-6 new students TOTAL -- and my kid's vying for a 5th grade spot.

I did find out that kids can continue to apply for the Magnet program all the way up to and through High School, so, there's that (I thought you got your last chance in 6th grade, so that was good news). But, for real, I didn't realize that so few kids would be accepted this year.

So, short of bribing someone in the School Choice office (and I do live in DeKalb County, GA, so it's not outside the realm of possibility that a bribe would be accepted), I'm going to focus on the power of positive thinking to try to get the Kiddo in.

But even then, I'm getting ahead of myself: right now, I'm focusing my power of positive thinking onto getting her test scores back and making sure she is eligible. THEN I'll focus my ray on her name being chosen.

I swear to dog, I'm not going to survive the semester!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I will send some good vibes your way! Good luck! emoticon
    2209 days ago
    As someone who loved my I.B. magnet high school (course work, not the actual high school part- retch!), my fingers are crossed for your kiddo. May the stars align in her favor!

    If only we could all throw our names into the hat and let her take our place if we get in. Somehow, I doubt they'd consider a 33-year-old from Tampa for admission, though.

    We've got our oldest in the lottery for a eco-conscious community school right now (yes, it is as granola, patchouli-stinking as it sounds, but academically sound). If only we'd been able to swing the hefty preschool fees we'd have guaranteed a spot. Not sweating it too much at his age; the local elementary is well rated and he can always help me with the gardening and taking out the recycling!
    2210 days ago
    Crossing my fingers! Magnet schools are supposed to be awesome! I was jealous of my college friends when they talked about their Magnet schools!
    2211 days ago
    Everything that can be crossed is crossed for you right now. Your kiddo deserves the best!
    2211 days ago
    First, I HOPE first and foremost that your daughter is selected to attend this magnet school. All positive vibes are being sent that direction.

    Second, (and who the heck am I to say this, because I know I'm not in "the know" with what's up in your family) your daughter is smart and talented like her parents. She has parents who will give her the best boost in life by virtue of their involvement and support. So many kids do not have this. If she doesn't get in, you all will keep trying. And she will keep excelling, no matter where she is or what school she attends or doesn't attend. There are so many paths to greatness, and I have a strong feeling that it is less about the school she attends (although I recognize the impact that can have) than so many other factors in her life.

    Third, hang in there! I'm sending you hugs. Parenting is such an anxiety ridden roller coaster.
    2211 days ago
    My son,who goes to a magnet school. His building is being renovated, it looked like an old textile mill. lOL. Hang in there. I hope she makes it.My son has done well. It was not as easy as those last 8 grades,but he is doing great now.
    He is taking a class trip to Spain this summer.
    Bribery? Here in America,Nah! No such thing exist. We are a corrupt free country. lol.
    Keep the faith.
    2211 days ago
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