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Sincerely Yours

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Today is day 34 of my streak!

Tomorrow I'm going to get a much needed haircut! I can't afford to get it blow dried and styled, but I'm pretty good at doing that myself. (I used to be a receptionist at a hair salon, so I learned a little bit about how to fix my hair!) Also, I'm going to have hubby take new front and side pictures of me. I asked him to be honest and to tell me if I look any different from the front and side pictures I had taken last summer. He said, no, I look about the same. Oh well! In my "I've Been in Denial" blog, I opened up about why I've been at a plateau, and now I'm ready to move forward and start being a loser (instead of a maintainer) again! I'm going to have hubby take front and side pictures of me EVERY month from now on, because I know it will keep me accountable and make me work harder!

I am co-leader of a team called Progress, Not Perfection. Starting tomorrow, we're going to have a weekly challenge...to post one thing every day that you love about your body! This might be kind of hard...but I'm going to do it. Its sad, but I've always found it easy to put myself down and insult myself. "Oh, I'm so fat"...."I'm so ugly"...."look at how HUGE my upper arms are" etc, etc, etc. But I'm not going to do that anymore! Why should I waste time hating on myself and my body? Of course my body is not perfect, but it sure is improvable!

Besides, this body is the same body I will have when I eventually reach my goal. It will be smaller and it will be firmer but it will still be MY body. I have neglected my body for years, but those days are done. I am going to love, appreciate and respect my body for all that it is, with all its flaws and imperfections, even as I work to make it better. My body is a gift from God, and He never intended for me to treat it so badly with a sedentary lifestyle, junk food and overeating.

There's a Christian song from the 90's that I love, its called "Sincerely Yours." Its not about weight loss but lately I have found that the lyrics really speak to me in that way.


I've spent too long wasting the gift God gave me of a healthy body.I'm the one who made my body out of shape and unhealthy. Now I dedicate my life and body back to Him, and I am going to do my best to reclaim my health and to appreciate my body.

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