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This is starting to feel pretty good

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Yesterday, I said no to this:

and had this instead:

It doesn't look very exciting (mostly because I took a crappy photo), but it did the trick emoticon

Normally, I don't have an issue with indulging in our monthly cake day at work, but when I was writing out this week's menu I decided to leave it (and today's farewell cookies) off, just for S&G's. I wasn't going to turn it into an epic willpower battle, and I wasn't going to berate myself if I changed my mind, but I've been trying to eat a little closer to my goals (not specific number goals as much as overall eating philosophy goals) and I'd already had a hefty chunk of ice cream earlier this week.

Eating on group run/class nights is tricky. Normally, I run right after work and I'm home no later than 6:00, which is a great time to start dinner. This group meets at 6:00, so that means I'm heading home from work, changing, and then running the kilometer to the store. By the time we're finished it's after 7 - 7:30 (and that'll only get worse as distances increase), and that's a little on the late side for dinner for me. I've been grabbing a small snack before heading out, but I wanted to experiment with doing a larger 'snack' and then a smaller dinner after.

So, yesterday I skipped the cake in the afternoon, made a nice mango/strawberry/blueberry smoothie as soon as I got home, and changed into my gear (only a -28 windchill last night, btw. Much better than Tuesday's -36). After the run, I had the last of Nick's split pea soup waiting for me, and a single cup was perfectly satisfying - both in portion size and mmmm... soup-ness. I finished it up with a pot of chocolate mint tea (my last minute substitution after I'd given myself the okay for a cup of hot chocolate).

Splitting the evening into a heavier snack and lighter dinner worked really well, and I'm going to try the same thing tonight. I also ended up having the best sleep I've had in weeks. I'm not sure if hitting the right balance with food and activity had anything to do with it, but it felt really good to wake up at 6:30 this morning without feeling like death.

The meal planning is taking more effort than I'm used to, but I'm seeing the payoff. My weight is still dropping at a reasonable pace (back down into the 122's now) and I just have more energy. Balancing active weight loss (especially when you're only looking at a couple pounds) with a big increase in activity is tricky, so I'm trying to make the most of this window before the mileage really ramps up. I'm most pleased about cutting the extra treats down to one a week. That's the part my mind struggles with. Logically, I'm fine with it, but it's so easy to get in the habit of having a little something each day (which isn't a problem on its own, but that 'little' something is rarely as little as it should be).

I'd lost that mindset I had back when I was overweight and losing, where I'd strictly control my treats and paid close attention to portion control. It's easier to go for the big gourmet doughnut instead of the small one when you're not actively trying to reach a weight loss goal (unfortunately, too many large doughnuts will give you a weight loss goal again). It really is just a matter of weaning yourself off of it.

Finally, workouts. After one more run and some weights tonight, and I'll have hit all my difficult workouts for the week. I'm particularly happy with last weekend - I got my Saturday 6k in (which I haven't done in a while), went for a surprise walk with my husband, and finished up with strength training. On Sunday, I did my long run and an hour of yoga after. I braved the cold on Tuesday and last night to get my scheduled tempos done, so tonight's steady 8k at a balmy -5 is going to be a cakewalk. I've had to use mind games a couple times for the strength training, but I'm getting it done: "You're too tired tonight? Okay, you can skip it. But first, you have to do 30 push-ups. Done? You can still skip the rest, but why don't you do some squats first." Before I know it, I'm halfway done and I might as well finish up the rest.

So, January looked pretty good. I reached my pre-training goals and haven't embarrassed myself at the clinic yet. I feel really comfortable with the distances we're doing so far, and have a strong base to build from as we ramp it up. Nutrition is looking good (aside from pizza and wings hockey night in the middle there) and my weight is where I want it to be. I definitely feel better than I have in months. It's the subtle things - a little more energy, better fuel, less fatigue, and a good goal to focus on.

And now it's time to go pick up delicious cookies that I'm not going to eat (probably), and I'm okay with that.
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    Great job! The fruit is the choice that won't leave you feeling guilty later on.
    1963 days ago
  • FIREFLY4407
    I love reading your blogs - you have a wonderful approach, always tweaking and refining to find the right balance, and you have a great positive attitude. Keep up the great work!!
    1965 days ago
    What a fantastic week!!!
    1965 days ago
    Wow!!! I am so proud of you! You are doing great! I just know February is going to be a great month for you also! emoticon
    1965 days ago
    Meal planning ugh!!! It just sucks. But so does making dinner in general. Why can't we all just have personnal chefs that make healthy yummy meals for us every day? is that too much to ask? I struggle with breakfast because I have a AM FIIT class at 6. I don't want to eat too much because than my workout suffers but I need to eat a little so I don't ya know, pass out. And I'm never hungry right after a workout so eating when I come home doesn't sound appealing in the least. I. HATE. FOOD.
    1965 days ago
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