My body is not used to crappy food... or sugar~!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

I am slowly learning from the last three days that my body does not handle sugar anymore! Or crappy fast food. My intestines have been super crazy the last few days. Why? Less fiber for sure. Added in a ton of empty calories of sugar, yep... aaaaand then throw in a fast food breakfast yesterday and you can see why my guts are very talkative.

Haha... that's one thing I didn't expect with eating healthy. I, sorry for TMI, stopped farting. Who'da thunk, cut out sugar, cut out gas. I mean logically it makes sense, but dang -- I didn't realize what a gassy mess I must have been. This is just weird. My stomach is still rumbling in protest over my diet the past few days.

I didn't have eggs in my house for my normal breakfast, so I splurged with McDonalds and justified it because I had to be at work early yesterday to rush and try to get stuff done... and guess what... I used to justify fast food a lot 80+ pounds ago. That is something I need to stop doing for sure.

I can have fast food if I want it, and I realize what the caloric intake is going to be. I should not have fast food because I feel like I DESERVE it or because I feel like I need to be REWARDED for some stupid reason, you know, like just doing my job...

So that head space is sorta gone. Hopefully I've turned a corner. I had a gummy worm binge yesterday afternoon. Felt AWFUL afterward. Seriously awful. The sugar crash/nasty aftertaste/and now gas is enough to make me avoid those gelatinous devil worms. I had planned to make alcoholic gummy worms for the recruitment party... but... yea... probably not anymore since I ate 2/3 of them... I might just toss the other worms in the trash. My guts would agree with that decision.

So today, I had my eggs and center cut bacon (seriously people, its the same calories as turkey bacon = but its real bacon!) and some soy milk. I also made myself a protein infused chai tea for work. I've been up since before six -- so since then I've already had 58 grams of protein! Haha, only 2 grams to my daily minimum. I've been definitely trying to shoot for over 100 every day. Those are the good days.

The past few weeks weight loss was due to cutting down on sugar and carbs, and increasing water, and increasing protein. I need to get back to that. Add in some fiber from fruit or broccoli, and I should be good.

At least I'm trying to be. I have a freakin' headache that won't quit. Drugs aren't helping, caffeine isn't helping, so I might go take some more allergy meds soon. I have to get my experiments done quick this morning (just feeding some cells and splitting some into plates -- ahh science), and then I get to head back home. The carpet guy is going to be there from 11-1. I just want this over with, so I agreed to let him come today.

My mom will be in later tonight -- so we'll get to packing up some stuff and cleaning. Hopefully no fighting. Hopefully low stress. I'm getting a bit overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I have to do to graduate... and *gasp* stop going to college!?! I mean, I've been in college for 10 years! What do people do after college? Get REAL jobs? With set work hours? Yikes... Oh well. It will all be worth it when I make my sister call me Doctor. She's an MD, so she thinks my PhD is frivolous (yes, this is my family, we are insane, and my sister and I are trying to out educate each other).

So in the cycle of bad day, good day... today is a good day. Hopefully I can keep this streak up.

And now for something fun. I spent a few hours last night fiddling around with my nails. Yes I said hours. I took my time. Played with colors. Some nail sticker... some glitter polish... I have mentioned my nail art addiction right? Anyway, here's my valentaine's day inspired mani. There was so much sparkle on my nails, my camera couldn't focus!

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  • HFAYE81
    Yeah, I feel like my guts stop working when I have a fast food they quit out of protest and turn everything into farts. emoticon

    Your nails are pretty!
    1934 days ago
    "gelatinous devil worms" hilarious
    1939 days ago
    Me too! I had some meringue cookies today and my cheeks turned red and my body became all hot and flushed. This after not eating sugar for a while. It was crazy!
    1941 days ago
    Love the nails! Tnx for the idea, I'll have to try something like that also! :)
    Wish you a stress-free packing and everything else these days! :)
    1941 days ago
    Are you my twin? I did the same thing yesterday! Well, not the EXACT same thing. I'm in week two of crazy work stress, just much worse than usual schedule and a lot going on, tired, messing with my sleep and workout schedules. I got to go home early yesterday so I "treated" myself to junk food. Popcorn (at least I made that from scratch, air popped with minimal butter and salt), Cheez its, mini donuts, and M&Ms. I can't remember when I last felt so awful!

    Today was back to the good stuff, veggies and water and lentil soup. I feel so much better, but still getting a headache really easily.

    UGH! Junk food! I won't do THAT again.... emoticon probably....

    Cute nails! I painted mine for Christmas and they are still breaking and peeling every single day to punish me. I have the world's weakest most awful fingernails. Weirdly I haven't had bare toenails in over 10 years and they don't mind at all!

    1941 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/31/2013 5:30:44 PM
    Even though I lost my gallbladder a few years ago, my doctor didn't recommend any sort of diet or change in eating habits. I think it's because he knew I'd figure it out pretty quickly what a high-fat meal will do to me. Bacon and whole scrambled eggs will cause a mad flail for the bathroom about half an hour to an hour after eating them. So does high-fat stuff like hot dogs. I KNOW this, and yet I continue to do it to myself and then I wonder why I'm trying to sprint for the bathroom.

    Maybe we should make a little card to keep with us at all times that says, "Sugar makes me ________. Too much fat makes me ________." Then we should have to pull that card out right before we make a fast food purchase or want to scarf down some candy. Then ask ourselves, "Do I want it bad enough to endure this?"
    1941 days ago
    cute nails. It's wonderful to have the time and creativity to do things like that for yourself.

    I hear ya about the sugar/fast foods. I react the same way. Funny how I used to be able to handle it better. Or maybe I just never paid attention before.
    1941 days ago
    Fun nails!

    The last few times I've had McDs it's not even satisfying...except for their coffee drinks...I do love the nonfat latte with sugar free vanilla. On one hand it makes me happy that I don't really care for the food anymore, but on the other hand I just paid for these d@mn fries and they don't even taste good :D

    Awesome on the protein intake!
    1941 days ago
    Haha!! I actually seem to fart a bit more eating healthy cause of so much fiber.
    1941 days ago
    love the creativity in the paint job! and i agree with the body not liking bad foods, i feel like garbage when i fall off the wagon HARD. keep it up, & con grads on the graduation!eeek! fun fun!
    1941 days ago
    Congrats on graduating!!!! That is so awesome, and not frivolous at all. Your nails look great too, btw! Sometimes it's nice to spend hours on something relaxing instead of worrying what needs to be done next.
    1941 days ago
    You COULD become unemployed and move back in with your parents. A lot of people do that these days. ;)
    1941 days ago
    I feel pretty blah right now too!! I think with me it's partially due to the poo-crap weather though. Dark when I go to work, getting dark when I go home... CRAZY cold. Meh. Time will tell!!

    I LOVE the nails, they look fantastic!!
    1941 days ago
    i miss mcdonalds so much but you just have to remeber your road to where you want to be
    1941 days ago
    Ugh - I feel you siskter! I had McD's breakfast muffin yesterday and then did you one better and had Wendy's for lunch! My belly is not happy with me. At. All.

    Our bodies know what they like - taste buds and bad decisions be damned!

    Congrats on the 80 lb loss!
    1941 days ago
    Love the nails awesome job I do not have steady enough hands to something like that emoticon there very cool
    1941 days ago
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