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Thursday, January 31, 2013

I play Trivia every day.

And I very very rarely get through a month with the 90% ranking for a Trivia A student award. Maybe 3 times in 3+ years? And never two months in a row.

My "all time" average score is only 83%. Duh.

I see the same names at 100% month after month. Not me.

Consistency award? check. Fitness points 250, 500 ++?? check. My "streaks" counter doesn't seem to work (I do log food every day) but that doesn't worry me too much. Because my body is streaking even if my streaker isn't . . . yeah!! (No no no, I do keep my clothes on in public. Consistently also.)

But Trivia A student remains elusive to me. Highly intermittent. And this failure is not trivial to me. It significantly damages my self-esteem. My need to consider myself as possessing some modicum of brain power . . . .

I've got lots of excuses about why I don't do Trivia well of course. Trivia asks questions about fast foods and movie theatre treats not even available up here in the GWN *Great White North*, aka Canuckland. Supposing I even went to fast food restaurants or bought junk at the movies. (Pardon the whiff of self-righteousness there . . . ). Trivia sometimes requires answers that I *know* (yes I do, I'm sure about this) are wrong!! But still. By now I should remember what answers Trivia wants, right? And I clearly don't. Not consistently. Not even when I cheat and try to look 'em up on Google and then come back to the Trivia question. Shameless, really I am. And it isn't working for me.

HOWEVER *drumroll*: this may be the month. I got Trivia A student in December 2012. And I THINK I'm up for Trivia A student January 2013. Squeaked through today with that bare 90% needed. Two months in a row Trivia A student????

Oh my. Where do I sign up for Mensa??

And if it doesn't happen, maybe I should offer to set up a Spark Trivia for Dummies alternative??
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  • NANCY-
    Aw sweetie, your competitive nature is showing.
    I tend to compete against myself going to
    where I prefer sudoku and the jigsaw... so I'm a little abstract.

    Giving the expected answers has bothered me since I got answer "wrong" in kindergarten. You know your answer is right. So it comes down to what is your goal. Sticking to what you know is right or conforming what they want.

    Through SP I'm learning to go back and stick to what I know is right. ... oops this is your blog not mine. :) Thanks for sparking my brain.
    1938 days ago
    BTW, you can check out www.mensa.org.

    1938 days ago
    LOL - too true! Some days I get 100% at the Spark trivia, and feel brilliant. Other days, I bomb out at a 50% (3 wrongs don't make a right) and feel like I'm an idiot. Don't know why I let it bother me - most of the time either the question is worded in such a way that I misinterpreted what it asked (because I'll admit, I do skim) - or sometimes it really says in the answer that it was a trick question!

    And what are Mike & Ike candies? I have zero clue!!! Plus I hate gravy, so I never know how many calories one skips by NOT using gravy because I NEVER use gravy!

    So I'm with you - often the trivia is based on things that I just have no way of knowing. Sort of like if they asked me about Buddhism. I just have no way of knowing, Mike & Ike aren't in my world.
    1938 days ago
    You're doing better than I am! Sometimes I know all the answers, other days Trivia throws something really obscure at me to keep me from succeeding. I know I shouldn't take it personally.....
    1939 days ago
    I suck at the trivia..you are great!! Congrats on 2 months of A's

    (and I will borrow the thought that it is not geared for Canadians..wink wink)
    1939 days ago
    HYSTERICAL!!! emoticon
    I apparently have not one competitive bone in my body
    (being one of 14 kids- must have seemed futile).
    I do Trivia most days-
    less lately-
    but usually when I need those 3 pts to get my 100-
    and I do learn from it-
    but my all time average has been stuck at 78-9% for so long I never even look at it any more.

    1939 days ago
    (Sometimes I think some of the people who are consistently at 100% look up the answers. I'm only consistently in the 90%s because I was on SparkTeens for years so I've had some of these questions thrown at me for a long time)

    Congrats on that award!! :D
    1939 days ago
    Hey, you could set up a completely alternative game.....Spark Veritas.......asking lots of quiz questions about.......things that are a bit more substantive....... that kind of question, you and I and likeminded Sparkfriends might have a shot of knowing !! Oh, wait, that would be about as popular as selling veggies at the movie theater!

    Seriously, I know how you feel. You mentioned frites the other day and I had not heard of that. I constantly have to use the search engine for cultural allusions I'm clueless about. I had to look up "photobombing" last week.

    And the regional thing.....I'm south of the border ( the 49th parallel, that is) and it seems a lot of insightful bloggers are Canadian! I have Canuck for Dummies on speed dial.
    Thanks for entertaining us as usual!
    1939 days ago
    Love it! Please do. Good luck with meeting your goal. You can definitely do this.
    1939 days ago
  • SWAZY33
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1939 days ago
    Congrats on your Trivia success!! Two months in a row is great, A+ student. I suspect you have been an A+ student in just about everything your entire life, so no wonder it bugs you when Trivia is stumping. And, yes, there are some dumb questions and some dumb answers, but for the most part it is interesting and somewhat informative. I don't play as regularly as I used to. Once I got to 100,000 SparkPoints I decided I am doing nothing just to earn points. I'll do Trivia on days I have lots of time and feel like doing it. Sometimes Sparking is just a good alternative to eating. Take care. Spark On, as Barb says!!
    1939 days ago
    emoticon I need the one for dummies! I think my highest % was a 75. I don't play consistently though...
    1939 days ago
    I would definitely visit your Sparktrivia for Dummies alternative!

    I don't play consistently because I get frustrated. Some of the questions are oblique, vague, or downright misleading! Of course, as a former teacher I *know* how to construct proper questions and *never* wrote a bad question!!! (insert smirk and eyeroll)

    I hope you haven't jinxed yourself out of your award by blogging about it too soon!!! Good luck, girl!
    1939 days ago
    I can't seem to get above the all-time 78% range, but I don't lose sleep over it. More important things to worry about......
    1939 days ago
    emoticon and here I thought Polly Perfectionist was my *personal* demon! emoticon

    Good luck, O great one!
    1939 days ago
    emoticon Here's to your next 'A'!
    1939 days ago
  • 1935MARY
    I play Trivia everyday too. I suck at it, Oh a few times I get them all right ,or miss just 1. One time it took me 12, that's right 12 to get three correct, but you are right, sometimes they asked things I don't have a clue about. I can not always remember the answers if I have had them before. I think I have fallen to like 63%. Oh well there are times I walk into the kitchen and I can not remember why or talking to someone and can't remember what I was about to say.My mind isn't what it use to be. emoticon neither is my body. Have a great day.
    1939 days ago
  • BOSS61
    Kept gas in my car, pizza in my belly (I know...) and cash in hand for way too infrequent dates, all through graduate school, by playing Trivial Pursuit for money.

    This life's skill continues to manifest as beneficial or not in all sorts of ways. My daughter determined that I am the best study partner for her European History mid-term... (just don't hit me up on Sparky trivia - they seem trite), entertainment or literature.
    1939 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/31/2013 7:54:36 AM
  • LWLAR7
    1939 days ago
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