Thursday, January 31, 2013


Today is supposed to be a nursery day, but me and the hubby have come to the decision that he isnt going back. Its costing us a small fortune and he's missing one day a week as he comes home with some new illness or tummy bug. Every week is a bit ridiculous. There are other things too, like sending him home in the wrong nappies... i wouldnt mind if they were then asking for another pack meaning they'd run out and had to borrow another childs or from a stash they have for emergencies, but again it was every time he went for 4 weeks. EVEN after i'd raised the issue, he comes home gasping for a drink, and as time goes on hes getting more and more upset when I leave him, not getting better.

So, we've had to come up with some ideas on how I can still get my exercise and the more obscure housework done. Given that he refuses point blank to have a nap unless its hit 4pm. That then interferes with bed time so he doesnt get a nap.

Idea 1) do exercise 1st thing, whilst hes happy in his high chair with breakfast.
Idea 2) do housework in small increments through the day whilst he is occupied/ take him upstairs and put Thomas on the telly.

We'll see how it goes. 1lb on at slimming world this week, not bad really, considering I knew I had put on. Drunk on saturday = hubby ordering chinese, emergancy lunch sunday when we were out (sundays are baaad for that, no cafe's/ butty shops open) ended up on maccies, then Burger King on tuesday "as a treat" because it was 9pm and we were out in the car. I know, I know, thats a horrendous few meals, but inbetween its all been homecooked an healthy.

Ive also figured out that im a day-eater. I dont snack after tea, but through the day I could happily munch through a packet of biccies, or plenty of chocolate. I have been exercising control over this quite well, but we have decided to try an have a larger lunch (to keep us both fuller for longer) and a smaller tea. So basically switch the meals around. We'll gove it a go. Need to do my food shop, but its hard work with a pram and a trolly so may go tonight after tea with hubby. I know if I was a single mother i'd have to deal with it, but im not, so i'm going to take advantage of that! haha.

1 week today I'll be 23, so next weekend the hubby is taking me to Ireland :) this is what he said in his sleep too. Im looking forward to it. My mum is having our son for the weekend and his mum is having the pup for the weekend. Should be great! Hes usless at keeping secrets and surprises from me. Well his own anyway!

Exercise went well today, 25 mins on the Wii followed by 5 trips up and down the stairs (100 steps in all). 87Kcals from the WiiFit and god knows from the stair run, although I did it til I felt I would die. Tomrrow im hopin for 6 trips, and keep pushing and increasing.

Off to wash the pots now. Have a great day.
Danielle xx
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    I don't blame ya with keeping him home. It'll save some money. I exercise around my daughter too. It's almost a game. If shes playing in her room, I am on the Wii.If she notices I am on the Wii and wants to "join me" then I am exercising with dumbbells. Etc. etc.

    Sometimes we just both exercise together and thats the most awesome part. We abandoned the idea of a stroller a long time ago and nothing beats just a walk hand in hand, even if it doesnt really get my heart rate up, its good for her and makes her go down for a nap easier.
    1904 days ago
    I hope you have a wonderful trip and an awesome birthday! Sounds AWESOME!

    Sounds like you are making the right decision about your son and going to the nursery. Something just aren't worth it. I hope you find a good routine that will work for you and for him at home.

    You CAN do it!
    1904 days ago
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