Double Unders: CF's S&M

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Every sport, exercise genre and fitness fad have that one technique that tortures everyone. In CF, it is the infernal DOUBLE UNDERS!!!

Double unders (DUs), for you non-CFers, is a rope jumping exercise where the rope passes under your feet twice for every jump.

Why, you ask? Why not?

I'm not being sarcastic...even though it might seem like it.

Think about it. CF is the strength and conditioning program whose focus is honing the trainee's overall functional fitness...where the workouts are designed by combining a series of exercises and lifts which are to be completed in an insanely short period of time...in a matter of minutes not hours.

Now, let's look at the mechanics of the DU. A DU is a technique where the rope turns 2 times (series of movements/exercises) for every 1 jump (insanely short period of time). See...a perfect match!

As you can imagine, executing a decent DU requires coordination and practice...with a heavy emphasis on COORDINATION!

So, where does the S&M come into play?

Well, DUs require a speed rope if the trainee wishes to become proficient. Most speed ropes are constructed out of small vinyl cords, wire or plastic-coated cables.

Now, go back to what I wrote before....2 rope turns for every 1 jump...coordination...small vinyl cord...2 turns, 1 jump...coordination...wire rope...1 jump, 2 turns...coordination...plastic
-coated cable. Get the picture?

If not, picture this....trying to turn the rope twice while jumping once...and missing. What happens to the rope? 9 times out of 10, the rope will end up hitting you on the arms, legs or back of the head. Since you are trying to turn the rope twice, you have to generate some speed with your rope turns, right. What happens when you hit a part of your body with a fast-moving wire, small vinyl cord or plastic-coated cable? Ahhh...the lightbulb goes on. You got it! You walk away from the workout with red welts and cuts on your extremities...which, if you are prone to bruising, turn lovely shades of black, blue and purple in a couple of days. See the connection to S&M now?

So, the goal of every CFers is to master the DU quickly to minimize the pain inflicted! Easier said than done!

Don't get me wrong. There are some who are naturally gifted when it comes to the DUs. I'm not one of those lucky souls...and neither is the average CFer!

But, when you are a member of the BESTEST Box in the world, your coaches are constantly looking for ways to make their members' training as painless as possible!

Pete, the owner of my Box did just that. Knowing how the DUs reduces the majority of our normally competent, easygoing members into frustrated, swearing, rope-throwing neanderthals (lol), Pete contracted with an outfit called, JumpNRope, to conduct a 2-hour seminar on DUs. JumpNRope (jumprope.com) is a group of world-class rope jumping champs who put us through a number of drills ultimately progressing to executing DUs. Because of the angst we all experience when trying to master DUs, we had 30 people come out on a snowy, Friday night and spend 2.5 hours jumping rope! Yes, our seminar ran over!

For me, those were the most productive 2.5 hours I have ever spent! When I arrived at the seminar, I could barely complete 2 consecutive DUs. By the end of the seminar, I was stringing 7 together! Doesn't sound like much, I know. But for someone who took 5 months to be able to do 2 DUs in a row, to be able to finish 7 consecutively after only 2.5 hours is tremendous!

And it gets better....

In tonight's WOD, we had a 1-minute DU challenge...to see how many DUs we could complete in 60 seconds. I guess Pete wanted to gauge if the seminar was beneficial. A couple of weeks ago, I would have probably only finished 10 DUs in that timeframe. Tonight, I hit 34 DUs...a 240% increase! It doesn't get better than that!!!

Who would have thought that I would be so pumped about jumping rope at my age! LMAO!!!

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    OMG I whipped myself in the @ss the other day so hard! It was super cold out and I thought I was going to DIE!!!!!!! Congrats on the DU's! That is awesome! What was the tip/trick/technique that made it click for you? I feel like I am spinning my wheels. Trainers keep telling me the same thing and I keep not being able to do them. So frustrating!
    1906 days ago
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