Biopsy-you won't believe this

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Today was the big day. Arrived for my breast biopsy with my Mom and the nurse escorted me to an office and said the Radiologist wanted to talk to me first. This was unusual for sure.

Turns out he looked at my mammograms from last week and discussed them with two others and the conclusion now was that the calcification's were benign and normal for the scar tissue from my previous surgery 5 years ago. He felt that the original readings from last week were in error and that a biopsy was not needed. He told me that this is the prognosis he would give if these were his wife's mammograms. He felt very strongly about this and said that sometimes once the ball gets rolling on this no one wants to stop it. If I wanted to have the biopsy just to be sure, he was okay with that, but in his opinion it was not needed. We discussed another mammogram in 6 months. for my piece of mind, but he didn't even think that was necessary. I will be seeing my oncologist next Wednesday so we discuss mammograms at that time for either one year or a 6 month followup.

So that was the big news of the day. What a relief. I called my husband from the parking lot and gave him the good news. Mom and i then went out for our breakfast and did our errands for the day. Jim and I went out for dinner at Hardee's to celebrate.

Feeling so much better. Things are looking up!
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