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Learned Something About Myself Today (Or, how skinny people think)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Have you ever learned something about yourself that made you think, "Of course. That explains it." That happened to me today.

We have a small fridge in our workroom where we library staffers can keep drinks, lunch, etc. I bring my lunch (and usually my breakfast) every day so I use the fridge more than most. This morning I was mildly irritated because there is a partially-eaten piece of some sort of rich dessert still there. It has been in the fridge for a week and sort of bugs me every day but today I really thought about it.

I began to wonder why this bugged me. I do have sort of a thing about not wasting food and using things up. For example, I would NEVER have more than one bottle of ketchup open at the same time. I like to use up the old thing before starting the new. I don't like clutter, and this extends to leftovers, which I try very hard to use up creatively. So, maybe that's part of it.

But I think the other reason the dessert annoys me is because it's a reminder of how easy this skinny co-worker finds it to ignore. If that was my dessert, I would have NEVER forgotten about it! I would have planned it into my calorie count (hopefully) but I would have definitely eaten it within a day or two and certainly thought about it quite often.

My thin daughter is the same way as my thin co-worker. She put her name on certain things in the fridge to protect them from her big, strapping, always-hungry brother. But then she can go for more than a week without even remembering the treat is there or feeling like eating it. It's a whole different approach to food than mine.

I don't know if I will ever have the "thin person" mindset. Maybe not. I might spend the rest of my life having to think about, plan for, and track every goodie. And if I have to do that forever, then I will, because I'm determined to be one of the 5% who succeed in maintaining.
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    Oh, how I loved this and I can so relate! The one thing that I will always pat myself on the back for as a parent is not passing on my bad eating habits to my children. My son and daughter are now in their twenties and are slim yet healthy eaters (mostly). When I have dinner with them, they will always stop when they are full and it always surprises me that they leave food on their plates. I was raised that I had to eat everything on my plate...even if it was past the point of fullness.

    I'm hoping to one day adopt the skinny mindset as my own.... emoticon
    1814 days ago
  • PCOH051610
    I can relate to this oh so well. I have no self-control if food is in front of me emoticon
    1906 days ago
    I can absolutely relate to your blog! I will never be able to "forget" about a treat. I've realized lately that I think about food most of the day... every day. Whether it's trying to figure out a menu for the week, searching for new recipes, or just waiting to enjoy my next meal/snack. I'm disgusted that the thought of food takes up so much in my mind. I will always have to be careful when it comes to food unfortunately. I think it's great that you learned that about yourself though! Great job!
    1911 days ago
  • PDQ1203
    1911 days ago
    Wow...reading your blog lead me to learn something about myself as well...I am basically the same way...But I have found with me - out of sight = out of mind. I have a cabinet at home that I never get into...it belongs to DH and the boys. I don't even think about it much anymore. That is one way I avoid temptation.
    1911 days ago
  • JLITT62
    I hear you on doing whatever it takes to succeed! I spent far too much time rebelling against what I needed to do . . . now I'm willing to do the work even when it's hard.

    Sometimes I can be like that skinny person . . . I have a bag of chips that's been sitting in the closet well over a yr - but here's where you can see I'm not naturally thin -- I don't open it because I know once it's open I'll probably get into trouble with it at some point. It's probably stale by now anyway!
    1911 days ago
    I relate too - but I have hope. Intuitive Eating might be my answer!

    1911 days ago
    Oh my oh my! How could someone waste a luscious dessert? Goodness gracious. I would be like you and work it into my calories!
    1911 days ago
    Same here. I don't like to open something new until other things are finished. That also means a lot of repetitive meals or snacks. On the other hand, DW who is naturally very petite is always opening new food items. She can take one nibble and be satisfied, never touching that food again for days. It's amazing.
    1911 days ago
    With your great attitude, you will be in that 5%!! Finding out that I don't have to act and think like a thin person to live life at the weight I want is very, very freeing.Yes, tracking and planning works, too. We can do it!!!
    1911 days ago
    I'm like you. I wish I would develop that "thin person" mindset but I haven't yet.
    1911 days ago
    When my husband had a heart attack he took a nutrition class. The instructor talked about the fat in foods, the need to change diet, you know this drill. He raised is little hand (I think it is the child in us that objects to these limits) and said, "Does this mean I can never eat another croissant?" She said, quickly. "No, not at all. Just one a year!" It made me smile. Really we can eat anything in moderation. We can. I'm wondering what you need to indulge in right now to feel like you are free.

    And I no longer believe in skinny vs. fat people. I've seen too many skinny people get fat and too many people transform their lives on our Spark site.

    You are awesome. Even thinking about that dried up desert!!

    Sending you lots of good wishes! I think about...CHEESE. As a child, sweets, but now CHEESE! Go figure. emoticon
    1911 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/30/2013 6:13:18 PM
    I'm with you and feel the same exact way!!
    1911 days ago
    I can SOOOO relate to your blog .. I am the same way .. my kids do that too! and I just want to scarf it!!

    I am the same about waste.. then to stop that .. Usually I eat it and it all goes to my WAIST!! LOL

    I don't know either how people can just leave yummy food on their plate.. I mean .. I can't stand leaving that last Yummy morsel!!

    I guess that's what makes me a foodie .. :) emoticon
    1911 days ago
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