Goal Review

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Well, the month is almost over. And so far, I've kept within most of my goals.
These were January Goals:
1. Buy books for graduate classes
2. Keep up with homework
3. Organize bills and receipts
4. exercise 3 days strength/3 days cardio
5. Lose 6-10 pounds this month
6. Call Cigna about fertility coverage

What happened?
1. Books were bought, and classes paid for.
2. It's ongoing, but so far, no late work (and all 100s!)
3. Not quite done, I bought an organizer, but now I still have to organize them
4. I've been exercising regularly. I think I need to up my strength, last time I didn't really feel it.
5. Unless I magically drop 6 pounds in the next day, this is not going to happen. I'm not going to let it get me down because I went through my "too small" drawer and picked up several new pairs of pants and a new skirt. Okay, they aren't new, but they are a size 12. :) There was a time, when I felt fat at a size 12, growing to a size 20 changed my mind. From July of last year, til now, I've gone down from 20 to 12. This is the most awesome feeling in the world.
6. Well, my insurance on Cigna doesn't start until Feb 1. So I'm going to wait until the end of February to call them about infertility coverage.

But what about my year-long goals? How are those doing?

2013 Goals
1. Eat fewer carbs and sugars (aim 30-40% for carbs)
2. Exercise at least 5 days/week
3. Get fit and control PCOS symptoms (wacky periods)
4. Get tested for fertility problems (January)
5. Get fiance tested for fertility problems (March/April)
6. Find a good IVF clinic (close to home)
7. Get infertility diagnosis (fiance: must, myself: optional)
8. IVF treatment [between June and August]

For review:
1. Doing okay with the sugars. Not so much with carbs. Some days, I still have bread at every meal.
2. I'm actually averaging 4.5 days a week. So not bad so far.
3. Well...I'm exercising, taking my pills, and trying to control my diet. I need to struggle a little bit more on this one obviously. I haven't lost any weight this month, and no AF so far either. So much for getting regular.
4. Due to my insurance change, my appointment was rescheduled. I'll be tested February 9th.
5. This is still a ways off, but I have to go ahead and start planning. I need to find a place for him first, also this hinges a little on the fact that Cigna provides infertility care. *crossing fingers*
6. Honestly, I haven't even started looking. Not seriously. There is one not too far away in Tallahassee, so we may end up there.
7. This hinges on number 6. We need an infertility diagnosis to apply for the IVF grants.
8. This again hinges on number 7. And that is still some time away.

So, overall, I think I'm doing okay. I'm making it. I can work a little harder in my workouts and carb curbing. Some things may be pushed back a bit due to financial restrictions, but that is okay. There is still some time between here and there.

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