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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

So I walked yesterday at lunch dodging rain drops. Walking at work is easy for me as I usually NEED to get away from the office about half way through the day. If I’m out walking, no one can find me and bother me with “just one little thing”. (What actually happened to having a real lunch time?).

So the rain really came on full force as I was leaving work. The dog I was scheduled to train cancelled (we wanted to do leash work, not swimming). So I was home by 4:15 with nothing scheduled. Hubby made bean tostadas and we sat down to eat. On goes the TV.
I looked up at a broken hearted dog. She actually whined a bit and laid down.

“Tazzy, it’s raining.” (Excuse.)

From boy child’s room I hear, “No it’s not mom. Should I let her out?”

I said “no “and got up to let the dogs out. It was humid but with a nice breeze. Basically it was beautiful out. I just stood there for a minute trying to figure out what my problem was. I was wasting a nice afternoon/early evening on tostadas and TV? Was I really ok with that?

“Ok, girl – walk only.” I looked at hubby and told him he could have my tostadas, I would make fresh when I got back. See you in an hour.

Ten minutes later I was out the door. I had to turn around and ditch the sweatshirt, it was too warm! Next thing I knew I was jogging. Tazzy was keeping a nice even pace. Ok, I’ll run a bit. First mile was nice and easy. Second mile good too, we hit the turnaround (1.5 mark) without incident. Then the clouds opened up. But the rain felt good and we did have to get home.

I didn’t start to “feel” anything until we were a bit past the 2 mile mark on the big hill to come home. My legs were a bit tired and I was getting a bit of a stitch in my side. I could have stopped. I know Tazzy would have. I haven’t run in while, I had the excuses! They flooded my mind. Tazzy started to slow.

“No girl, get up!” (Get up is her command to keep moving.) I kept going, pushed out all 3 miles in just a smidgen under 30 minutes. When I came through the door, I called hubby up front and he helped me get a good stretch done. My right calf is feeling it a bit today but nowhere near as bad as it could be.

I was delighted with my time. No too out of breathe and felt good. You know, runner’s high is an amazing thing. All your problems just fade away after a really good run. I made a much more nutritious dinner – black bean burger with light American cheese and peas.

I was craving peanut butter horribly later, so I did go over calorie. I always CRAVE peanut butter after running. I just wasn’t thinking when I ate earlier.

So, all in all, it was a much better day. I won’t say I’m back. I’m still looking at ways/reasons NOT to do things, but I think I’ve caught back up to the wagon. Hopefully I can jump back on today.

Warm Wags.
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