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'Interesting' Day and On Being a Cusp Baby

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

When I got home from work today I had received a phone call from one of my dad's old clients. They needed to know his Tax ID number, which I don't know, so I had to call my step-mom. I last heard from her just after Christmas, and hadn't heard from her since, so I figured she was avoiding me.

I finally got up the nerve to ask her where my dad's ashes were. She still has them, and probably won't spread them until it's warmer out. I don't really care what she does with them, but I want to know what it is. I just want to be kept in the loop. The convo didn't go too badly, she's joined Zumba and a yoga class, and is taking a jewelry making class at a small art museum, so she's keeping busy. It was still awkward talking to her. She sounded like she was on the verge of tears the whole time, so maybe she was dreading talking to me, too. Who knows.

On another topic, I learned something new about myself today, and I thought I would share. I am somewhat interested in astrology, as in I enjoy reading about astrological traits but I don't run my life by it. My birthday is May 19, which makes me a Taurus-Gemini cusp. This means I'm not a full blow Taurus: I take aspects from both Taurus and Gemini, which may explain my crazy rollercoaster emotions a bit better. =)

Here is one of the things I read, and I think it pretty much fits me to a T.

May 19 to May 24
Those born on the Taurus-Gemini cusp are eternally young. They are energetic, prolific and once they find something that really appeals to them, they do it quite a bit. (Hellooo, SparkPeople? ;) )

They are also versatile. This versatility may cause them to wear themselves out because they try to do too much too frequently. They need to learn to limit themselves to create a balance.

Taurus-Gemini is a born communicator. They love active conversations on just about any topic you can imagine. They do have to be careful not to monopolize the conversation. It is all too easy for them to do. (I very much notice myself monopolizing convos. I try to limit this.)

They may be conflicted about certain things due to their nature. While they want to be earthy and stable, they are drawn to towards more unstable, frenetic behavior. They may not be sensitive to the feelings of others. While they can spend hours debating over their own emotional matters, they may appear rather unsympathetic or detached. (I often FEEL unsympathetic and detached. See blogs about me being annoyed when my husband is sick.) They are prone to burning out, both physically and mentally. If they can learn self-discipline, they will be more successful.

Taurus-Gemini needs to keep track of their activity level with great care. They need to learn consistency when rejecting ideas or people. They need to learn how to gentle their approach. Confronting their own insecurities will help them grow. Resting is a good thing from time to time.

Taurus-Gemini can focus too much on money and possessions. They are usually gentle, dependable and tolerant of those around them (unless you are a fecking a-hole or a complete moron). At the same time, they can be high strung and scattered. They are entertaining and make loyal friends who are fun to be around. They like to spend time eating good food and enjoying a rousing conversation. (Hence why I am OVERWEIGHT?!)

Their strengths are their stability, intellectual and conversational skills and their perseverance (Read: STUBBORN). They are good at analyzing challenging ideas and have the ability to communicate those ideas to others. If they can learn to add the variety of Gemini to the dedication of Taurus, they can be very successful.

Broadminded and hardworking, Taurus-Gemini is also expressive, energetic, charming, intelligent, adaptable, shy, practical, mature, gentle, quiet, stable, restless, blunt, scattered, nervous, over-indulgent and changeable. They don't call this the Cusp of Energy for nothing.

Individuals born on the Taurus-Gemini cusp are independent and proud. They are very talented, especially when they learn how to get their inclinations to work together. If they get unhappy, they tend to get lethargic and apathetic (super DUPER true). Learning to forgive is a blessing in their life (learning to forgive is HARD, yo).

They may have interests in art, music, travel or social activities. They attract many friends, though they should be cautious they don't over-commit themselves to too many relationships. They are generous people, who enjoy delving into many things.

So what do you think? Obviously none of you (except Christina971) have ever met me IRL, but I would generally cherish your opinions on the matter.

Any other cupsies out there?! HOLLA!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm a May 21st birthday, so I'm right there on that same cusp. As with any horoscope, I can find aspects of myself in that description (right with you on the 'apathetic when unhappy' front, and I sure could use more self-discipline), and other things which have no bearing on me. It's entertaining to look at a horoscope on occasion, especially after the fact, to see if they got anything right.

    1900 days ago
  • _MOBII_
    I loved reading your 'astrological bio'!
    Glad your conversation with your stepmother went alright (even if it was a bit strained) and I hope she keeps you in the loop about what is happening.
    1908 days ago
    I really like the part about perserverence and analyzing challenges... it brought back memories. Same with the communication bits (and, astrology or not, analyzing how we communicate with others is a very useful thing).

    Heh... I still remember starting my first job out of high school and having a rather intimidating co-worker walk up to me, demand my birthday, and start doing a bunch of calculations. She kind of gave me a look, nodded, and then just walked away.

    For what it's worth, no one who knows me and follows astrology has ever been shocked to find out I'm a virgo emoticon

    1909 days ago
    I've never been well versed in astrology but it's always seemed to me that one of the big difficulties in a cusp's life is balancing the dualities in their own nature. Maybe is something to do with the elemental opposition--earth (Taurus) and air (Gemini). I've watched it with my own Little One for her entire life. (March 21, so she's a Pisces (water) and Aries (fire) cusp. And it also means that spring begins on March 21 in our house no matter what the calendar says.)

    All told, though, if that description is fitting for you, there are definitely worse things you could be.

    Side note: I'm solidly a Taurus and my husband is solidly a Gemini. It keeps things interesting.
    1909 days ago
    i think you sound like a very fun and loving person. to learn some more about yourself, google for "meyers briggs personality test" . these are tests that mental health professionals use. the online tests are sort of abbreviated versions, but i learned a TON about myself when i took one--it was not only accurate on the superficial stuff, but it accurately described what i think and how i feel about certain things i have never articulated out loud--even to myself.
    i am a cusp baby too--aries/taurus. unfortunately i share my birthday with adolf hitler (ugh)
    1909 days ago
    I'm a Gemini (May 28th) and my sign describes me well. I don't "believe" to signs but some general characteristics are the same, I think.
    1909 days ago
    I am a full blown Pisces, who is a Rabbit year, just to double all of my attributes.
    But my best friend is a Leo-Virgo cusp, and yes, she definitly gets attributes from both sides of the cusp.

    1909 days ago
    I want to go dust off my astrology books and do my birth chart again now... I had all of my planetary signs and everything mapped out once upon a time, but not sure where it ended up. Maybe I'll do that this weekend or something. It's neat to see how all of the influences add up. I could ramble on for hours, but I'll spare you. :) If memory serves me correctly, Cher's birthday is May 20th, so I'd say you're in good company. She seems to have a pretty good handle on balancing the stubborn Taurus drive with the Gemini flair for the dramatic.
    1909 days ago
    Oooo, my birthday is May 20! Birthday buddies!

    If they get unhappy, they tend to get lethargic and apathetic = Ugh, SO me right now with my job
    1909 days ago
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