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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

You know, that is so true! I probably have said a bazillion times, "I don't eat all that much." And I really don't. The problem is that what I did (do?) eat is all wrong. I have so much difficulty fathoming how on earth I can fix something soooooooo good (yet soooooooo bad), and then only eat 3/4 of a cup! I'd rather not fix it at all (boo hoo hoo - I hear ya!) than only eat just a piddly little amount.

I love macaroni and cheese. Ooey gooey cheesy macaroni and cheese. Problem is I would fix a box and eat that. Just that. Nothing else, for the entire day. No breakfast, no dinner, just eat around 2 or 3 in the afternoon. I would eat one meal a day but it would be so ungodly fattening (now that I'm reading those blasted calorie counts!) that it's truly no frickin' wonder I'm this size.

One of my favorite meals was to fix a Hormel's Beef Tips and dump it on top of mashed potatoes. Yup, the whole thing. I took one look at what the calories is and the serving size and I laughed hysterically. A serving size is 1/4 cup, I think. There's no way on earth I can eat 1/4 cup of that! Are they just simply beyond crazy?

Now, as I sit here, I've had a great count day (Really! I have 406-756 calories left!). But, I'm hungry. It's going on 8PM, and I really don't want to eat something because I'll be heading off to bed soon. I know the book says our tummies don't know what time of day it is but eating then laying down can't be all that good for me?!? Can it?

Anyway, I know IF I don't have something, I'll be miserable when I go lay down. That's all I will think about. I've tried mind over matter. Didn't work. I've tried willpower. I'm weak! And yes, before you go there....I've drank water, and drank water, and drank water, and....ok, I'll stop.

As I sit here contemplating what to have to qualm my grumbly tummy, I'm glad that I've done so well today. I congratulate myself on having a good day! Because I know there are gonna be bad days. Hopefully there will be more good than bad! And so, I still have no idea what to have.

But, I do have a better perspective on what's healthy for me and what's not. What I should eat and from what I had better stay away. Spark has taught me and is teaching me. And you, my supportive SPARKLERS, help me so much!

It feels good to have a good day emoticon

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    you are awesome, i had an aneurysm burst 7 years ago and cant do the bending exercises . you have such a positive attitude. Me I am trying to be. I will follow your advise
    2274 days ago
    Excellent blog. I agree that taking in that much less that scheduled is not a good idea. I did that for a short time and ended up on a plateau.
    2276 days ago
  • JMC155
    I didn't have a chance to get on last night. Hope you had something before going to bed. As it is important to eat your calories. Glad you had a good day and yes portion is a key I still miss somedays. emoticon
    2276 days ago
  • BEEJAY49
    Maybe for an evening snack, a few whole grain or multi-grain crackers,with a little bit of lean turkey and a bit of low fat cheese? I like that. :) Some carrot sticks and celery, maybe a half english muffin with some low fat cream cheese? A piece of fruit? There are many things you can snack on in the evenings. :) Also check out Chef Megs mac and cheese. :) HUGS!
    2276 days ago
    Great work so far!!! Keep it up!!!

    2276 days ago
  • MAGA99
    I know this can b hard afterall we've been conditioned in life to b a certain way
    look how big plates come these days NO WONDER WE OVER EAT

    what might help with evening munchies is find something that u really like that u can use as a munchie - believe it or not I like to munch on celery n I actually do it now with nothing n on the rare occasion that I do its cottage cheese

    serving size is an issue for me so I wish u much luck w it
    2276 days ago
    Maybe a light snack? Some air popped popcorn? Portion sizes are my issue as well, if its something I love there is no way I can eat just a tiny bit of it! I would rather not make it at all.
    2276 days ago
    So, what did you have? 406/756 calories left for the day is a lot... I know what you mean by portion sizes, this is my downfall as well! And even when the food is healthy....
    2276 days ago
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