CONGRATULATIONS!!! (You Have Completed Your Run)!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

So, my Couch To 5 K program gives me that message when I complete my "run" for the day. It is not a real run. But it is more of a run than I have ever done. I completed the 2 week day 1 of the program. I ran for 90 seconds and walked for 2 minutes for 6 cycles. By the end I was pretty sweaty and well, pretty tired, but I DID IT! It feels good to hear "you have completed your run".

I also added some more weight to my Body Pump program. In fact I am now lifting more than some of the "regulars". I am not comparing myself to others, as that is not good, but I have to admit it feels kind of spiffy to not be the 'weakest gal in class' like I have been since I was a kidlet.

A runner? A strength trainer? I am reaching those goals, even if the scale isn't moving (actually I did lose another pound, so things are moving on the scale again too).

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