WUB #2 BLC 17

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Alright, I have come to the conclusion that the only way for me to move on and start succeeding with this whole dieting thing is to change my eating completely. I was looking over at the calorie tracker that SP gave me and realized, its too much. So I am checking to see how this week goes by adjusting my calorie intake to between 1500-2250 calories a day. I am also going to do a semi-low carb diet as well to see if I can shock my body again by hurdling over this freaking wall of weight loss that has haunted me for the 1.5 months. So far so good. I signed up for a 10K race to do at the end of the challenge and actually did it wrong the first time. So I ended up doing a 10K yesterday (62.46). My legs felt like jello when I got home.

I really want to punch the man that decided to put a Dunkin Donuts next to my office complex. At least once a week I have a vendor or co-worker pass around donuts, bagels, etc. If I can stay away from the temptation of them then I know I can jump start this into overdrive. I did good working out 5/6 days last week for at least an hour and so far this week I have done the same. Hopefully going to see some improvements.

Good Luck everyone in your challenges this week!

Phil 4:13
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