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Day 11.. bought a Fit Bit Aria Scale

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I love the FITBIT company. LOVE it. Sparkpeople has recently partnered with fitbit to link their sites together.

LOVING THAT. SO I washed my fitbitUltra a few cycles before I discovered it! BOO HOO. I need to put a note every time I put a load of laundry in..WHERE IS YOUR FITBIT? (I have washed and lost 2 Fitbit's, a few wallets, and a couple of cell phones in my day! SIGH.

I went to order a new one (ULTRA) and imagine my surprise when they no longer offered it! They offer a smaller one called the FITBIT One and I guess it is a lot less bulkier (think inside bra) and fits snugger...so it doesn't pop off...but it is smaller How will I ever save it from the washer?

While on the site I saw the FITBIT ARIA and thought what the heck..I had been toying with the idea and my birthday is around the corner. I told DH this is what I wanted and he was off the hook for those outrageous flowers he gets every year too!

Set up is a breeze. I weighed today and it goes right down to a 100th of a lb. no kidding. It syncs with sparkpeople so I can track my weigh ins effortlessly. It tells you your body fat percentage as well and when you go to MY WEIGH IN on spark it will even tell you your lean body mass vs. the fat.

Spark also takes your food menu on FITBIT, which is cool. I am no expert and I have no time for all those calculations.. but FITBIT tells me I need to create a deficit of 1000 calories a day to lose what I want and when I want it. It is no fast solution I have a little over a year to go...but the nerd in me loves seeing the data. Computers don't lie. They just don't..so With Sparkpeople's smart phone app, a wifi connection that weighs me and reports to my fitbit site for both calories burned, eaten and weighed...well no lying to myself now. IS THERE? FITBIT site tells me if I make my goal every single day. 1000 calories either burned or not ate. I can do it.

I am loving this.
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