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I Need Some Ideas/Help - Please!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

OK, here it is: I've been having these very real feelings that I'm going to get into a bad car accident. I think that I'm worried it's going to happen on my way to or from school and that's why I "accidentally" overslept last week. My therapist and I had a discussion about it, and I stated that I really want to go back to school, so we worked it out that I should keep saying that I'm going to school no matter what.

Today was going to be the day that I finally went. I did everything right this morning. Got the snow and ice off the car and left to go to school. A few minutes later, I turned around and went back home. The roads weren't that bad from the snow and ice, but I had this gnawing feeling that this was going to be the day that the accident happened.

Now I'm debating wether I really want to go to school or not. Is my mind just playing tricks on me? Is my subconscious (sp?) playing tricks on me? Any thoughts or ideas? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

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    I hope you find a solution... !!! Is is school or a past experience that is bogging you down??? Something a family member experienced that is weighing on you??
    1939 days ago
  • MISSM66
    Sometimes our mind play tricks on us,and maybe this is what going on with you,do you really want to go back to school? will you be able to focus when you go back to school you have to think about all that,do you have any Family member who you can talk to about it,you can't make these things stop you from living, just keep a positive mind keep doing your exercise emoticon ,keep smiling emoticon sorry but that all can tell you,take care and emoticon your self emoticon
    1940 days ago
  • KRYS210
    Why do you want to go back to school?
    1940 days ago
  • LINDA!
    I don't know if you take meds for anxiety. I do. I often have episodes like this which are normally, for me, unfounded worries. For me when worry overwhelms me, it is often another aspect of my life that I have problems with. It seems to spill over into other facets of my life.

    If you are able to see your therapist often, do so. As others have mentioned, if you are able to get someone else to take you to school until the fears subside, do it.

    1940 days ago
    That voice in my head has warned me about things that were going to happen, but I was prepared and avoided the accident. I always think it is my guardian angel.
    I am always very thankful for this voice.

    Then there are times where my anxiety just gets going. No real voice, just my own thoughts bouncing fear around in my head.
    I either go through it, or I avoid the situation, It is hit or miss.

    So for you to figure out, is it your own anxiety, or is it something else that pops into your head.

    Good luck and I hope it is as easy for you to distinguish as it is for me. It wasn't always, but over the years it has made itself, clear.

    Good luck. emoticon
    1940 days ago
    Hey, Dierdre !

    Is there any other way to get to school ? Could someone else drive you to school ? Right now, if you're worried about getting into a car accident while driving to school that puts you at risk because you're a "distracted" driver. You don't want this fear to become a self fulfilling prophecy. So, for the time being, could someone else drive you to school ? Could you take public transportation or car pool with a fellow student in your class ? It's possible that once you start going to school on a regular basis, you may over come any fear and anxiety you may be having about going back to school.

    Fear can be debilitating. Take things slowly, one step at a time.

    "Failure is not falling down, but refusing to get up." Chinese proverb


    1940 days ago
    Our minds do many things to us. Anxiety is probably one of the worst. Continue working with your therapist is the best advice given. emoticon emoticon
    1940 days ago
  • CANDICE293
    Not sure how to answer this question but i'll try. The others had some great suggestions. I've had experiences where I felt something bad happen and it did but then I had the same experience and nothing came out of it. I would say if it's stopping you from leaving the house you need to get help with it. Maybe try taking a different route to school rather then the same route? Sorry I couldn't give you a lot of help.

    Hugs and positive energy to you.

    1940 days ago
    I had those experiences, but I listen to them. I had a little voice saying one day on the way home from work to turn off on a side road that wouldn't take me home. I did so. Well it delayed me a few minutes looking around at the location. Then I headed home up the whindy, narrow road with two lanes. One side was a mountain, the other a deep drop to death. If I would of continued on I would of been involved in a really bad accident. There was a car that lost control, hitting another car. . . It was all over the news. I was grateful for divine intervention. DeJaVo does not mean you are crazy or having issues.

    I had many more situations like this when picking up my daughter from school. Each time I had the feeling I would go down another road, only to look and see a car accident that had just happened. If I had not of listened it would of been me.

    At work as a RN, I would listen to my intuition. It helped me to be aware of minute changes in patients that prevented death, let me know they were septic, or about to fall.

    I also predicted a dear friend would be injured by a chiropractor, specifically his back would be broken because he had unknown to him osteoporosis. It was my gut feeling. Well he went and the chiropractor broke his back. There have been many incidents like this. I listen.

    You kind of have to believe in yourself and study up on the subject to understand those feelings are not all in your head. They are there for a reason.
    1940 days ago
    Our minds can be very convincing. I went thru panic attacks a few years ago because I thought I had some major wrong with me even though I didn't. The more I thought about it, the worse I got. I did go on meds. for quite awhile. I'm now off of them and feel pretty good. Not sure what to say. Maybe you are making up excuses for not going to school. I hope you figure it out soon.
    1940 days ago
  • ASTRA58
    Fear is fear. If it's real to you, it's real. Your therapist will be able to help you to formulate a plan for action when you are feeling this way. The important thing is not to beat yourself up. Someone told me once that when I feel fear that something inside me was getting something out of the experience. Perhaps if you examined your feelings at the time you turned the car around? Try to focus on what you were thinking and feeling, what were the roads really like, what were the other drivers doing, were your anxiety levels going up? What were the tapes that were playing in your head?

    I have an irrational fear that I'm going to cut myself badly every time I handle a sharp knife, but I realize that if I use a not-sharp knife, I'm putting myself in greater danger. So I use the sharp knife and I use my fear to make me cautious, rather than careless. I try to make the fear work for me instead of incapacitate me.

    1940 days ago
    Our minds are very powerful things. . especially our sub-conscioius.

    Coming through some sexual and other abuses in my life, I know very well how my mind can over-ride logical thought with 'instinctive' reactions.

    I have learned to 'stay in the present' - even though I'm unaware of 'visiting the past' - and evaluate every situation on its own merits, for example in your case: how bad are the roads? are others driving badly? am I not being careful enough? etc.

    If the answers to my questions do not send up alarms, I start my mantra (this is now, this is not then, this is now) and move forward.

    You need to discuss this with your therapist and find a program / methodology that works for you.

    DO NOT give up your life for no good reason.

    1940 days ago
    Hard to judge. Did you and your therapist talk at all about a plan to help you work through getting out the door and to the school? Might help.

    good luck.
    1940 days ago
    Not sure how to answer this one. Do you have a history of deja Vu? Have bad things happend to you that you've dreamed about? Desertdreamer may have it right if you've had a near miss in the past, been in an accident or have had a family member or friend who has been in a bad wreck. Also if you are on that no smoking patch or on a anti-depressant. They can give you anxiety. I agree to leave this answer to the professionals. I hope I gave you ideas to question to help you find your answer.
    Is there a chance you can take some of your classes online until you conquer your fear?
    1940 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/29/2013 10:09:40 AM
    From a layman's point of view, is it agoraphobia? Are you on anti-anxiety meds? I hope you can work it out. Have you or anyone near you had an accident or near-miss? emoticon
    1940 days ago
    What are your reasons for wanting to go back to school? Can you focus on those? I want to say your mind is playing tricks on you...but I also don't want to trivialize this. It's a real fear. Keep working on it in therapy. If it's so bad that it's stopping you from living, there's a very real problem. I guess I don't have any good advice, just emoticon
    1940 days ago
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