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Keeping busy

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Let's see what I've been up to. Well, cleaning our home and dad's. Going to the grocery for us and dad. Exercising. Trying to watch what I eat. Exercising. Did I say cleaning and going to the grocery? LOL! Oh, and running other errands and doing laundry. I have been getting time to do some much missed crocheting too, so that's a major plus!! :) Someone asked me what I do in my "spare time"..what's that?? :) I breathe!

Well, the evenings belong to DH and I after supper. We also do a Sparks NO-NO and eat in front of the television. My bad, but .. and there's always a but.. the t.v. we watch is in the sunroom which is out of the kitchen, down the hall, and through our bedroom. So, watching t.v. you don't want to get up and go through all those rooms to get to the kitchen for seconds. :) At least I don't. So actually it does work for us. :)

I've been having to test my blood sugar every morning now for almost 3 months. It's up and down, and when I asked my lil' sis .. what's up with that..she says.. "exactly, what's up with that?" LOL! She's been a diabetic for almost 20 years now, so she's my "go to" for questions. :) I'm not diabetic, but doc says if I'm not careful I could be, so I'm working really hard on controlling it with diet and exercise. I don't think I'm doing all that bad, but he might have a different take on it.

Today will be a nice day for being out and about. The rest of the week is a different story though. Just like everyone else, our weather is crazy and it's nice one day and the next day, not so much. So I'll be happy getting out today at least. Every other day isn't an option though, I'm always going to visit with dad, do something for him or helping him with something.

Each day is a special gift. My gifts are waking up for one. Hehe! Enjoying a little bit of the morning with DH before he hustles off to work. Being able to spend time with my dad while I still can. Having a nice home, Sparks to keep in contact with all the beautiful people here, and most of my health. Even though I complain about the weather, I like the 4 seasons, they give me hope. I complain about doctors, but they give me health. I complain about my weight, but I have the tools to use to get rid of it. I always reserve the right to complain because..that's just who I am. :)

Sure, my days keep me busy, but I would much rather be busy than sitting idle all the time, that would be so very boring. So get up and move with me today! I won't wait on you so you'll have to keep up! Hehe!

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