2013 Changing the way I do things

Monday, January 28, 2013

New year resolutions vary and often we lose steam, focus and end up back to old habits. They say it takes 21 days to make a habit, so whatever your resoutlons are make it part of your daily routine for 21 days. My thought for this year is that Just as we maintain our cars, our gardens and our homes; we should maintain our health as part of a regular wellness plan. I have always been horrible at remembering my vitamins, and hate taking pills so that is why I fell in love with Nutrametrix isometric supplement line and decided to be a distributor. Particularly in the winter everyone's vitamin D is down, and I take it every morning 5000mg. As well as my B-complex, mutli and OPC-3 Antitoxidant. I also started the transistion lifestyle program that I also represent, because I Know that low Glycemic is the best way to eat healthy, maintain blood sugar and boost metabolism, I don't believe in diets I believe in lifestyle changes. So For me My new years resolution is take the Journey of a healthier me, and Discovery to pursue my passion to educate others on health and wellness benefits. Also as a massage therapist I know the importance to maintaining the body to keep muscles and joints flexible, relieve tension and stress, improve circulation, and give relief to injury and disease. So Make 2013 a year of Health!
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