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When I Get to Goal

Monday, January 28, 2013

Hmmmm....when I get to goal, what will my life be like?

The news is...I have been to goal. I have been a bit UNDER my goal. It hasn't been that long ago.

What was my life like, and what will it be like when I am at goal again?

I will be more fit, I will be more conscious of the need to track REGARDLESS of what I am doing.

Why do I want to do this?

... I read a blog the other day that described the Senior Sneakers group at the gym, and a spunky lady who had the gentlemen flirting with her. After the session, this spunky older lady visited with the younger Sparker writing the blog, and she had such a fun, young attitude, and while the younger woman would have guessed her to be in her late 60s at most, she was actually in her late 80s. I WANT TO BE THAT WOMAN ONE OF THESE DAYS! I want to be that older woman who has fun and others mistake for being years younger!

That seems frivolous perhaps, but with lots of diet-related health issues in my family [congestive heart failure, histories of mini-strokes, RA, cancer, etc], it keeps me going sometimes instead of thinking of what I wish to AVOID to instead think of who I want to be...

Plus there is what I tell my 20-somethings: I want to be along for a long time so as to aggravate them! emoticon
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