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I so Need a Double Blog Today

Monday, January 28, 2013

can I just say Oy Vey?

It's been a strange day. Hubs and I wanted to go for a walk, but it's snowing/raining. So we went clothes shopping so we could walk around inside. Hit up Target for some more crazy sales. Got some more of the same shirts I bought last week for 5.48 for 3.00. The dress I got for 17.48 last week? Bought another one for 12.48 this week. It sure pays to live between two targets! On the way home we stopped by a bakery to pick up some rolls for tonights chicken cordon bleu sammies. I didn't look too closely at the calories, I saw 180 apiece. Except the bag has four nutritional information sections, each with different calories!!!!! The rolls we bougth at 390 calories APIECE!!!!!! Argh, so now I am eating half a roll. Sad face.

I let the hubs buy donuts for himself. He got two Boston Cremes. I treated myself to a cheese danish, because I love them but never eat them anymore. I'm really glad I checked the calories before I dove into it. MORE THAN 600 CALORIES FOR ONE FRICKIN' DANISH. I know I'm trying to eat more calories today but this bakery is making my life ridiculous.

I ate HALF the danish for a snack, saving the other half for tomorrow. I'm eating half a roll.

Hubs ate both donuts and will be eating two whole rolls with dinner. *facepalm* Our doctor wants him to lose 2 lbs by the next time he sees him. He won't do it I bet. I admit I'm getting a little annoyed by his lack of even trying. But he's a man. *shrug*

So here is the menu for the week:

Tues: Roasted Veggie and Hummus Pitas
Weds: Sausage, black bean and bulgur stuffed peppers
Thurs: Mushroom Swiss Burgers and Tater Tots (Yes, tots. It's a clean-out-the-freezer week)
Fri: Lentil Soup w/ sweet potatos, & spinach
Sat: Spaghetti w/ Marinara and salad
Sun: Phyllo Tuna Melts (I'm making this one up, I hope it's good!)

I just finished doing one of the workouts from the Coach Nicole DVD I bought last week, Sizzle Sculpt. I have never felt so uncoordinated. That woman can do lunges, knee lifts, tricep thingies and swirlie movements ALL AT THE SAME TIME. I've decided when I do DVDs I'm going to remove my FitBit and log them separately. I think it will be more accurate that way.

(Husband is making a lot of noise in the other room and when I asked him what he was doing he said "Something." Something suspicious, I say. Hmrph. -_-)

Also, I am 99% sure I am developing eczema. I'm going to bring it to the doc's attention because it's starting to tick me off. I have big red rashes behind my knees. I do all this work to get fit and my body decides it's going to backfire and make my skin look icky! (My mom has eczema so this is likely.) I'm keeping it well moisturized with Gold Bond lotion.

My mom might be coming to visit me this weekend, since she has to go to a funeral in Delaware of a family friend. I'm sad about the friend dying (I met her once and she was a sweetheart), but I'm happy my mom might be coming. Except now I have to clean the guest room and it's tax season!!! (AKA my desk is a mess because I have extra work to do this month.)

So anyway, I'm hungry and off to finish dinner, which is (half) Cordon Bleu sammies and baby carrots.

PS - I am going to attempt at making Bingley a winter coat he can't pee on.

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  • MISSA526
    Bakery's are murderer on my calorie counts for the day. I hate when a single serving item looks healthy then when you look closer it say that it has 2.5 servings! Who eats half a serving? As for your hubby... I can relate on a different level. My dad is 62 he worksout but he eats non stop. Mainly peanuts, cashews, baked chips, well basically anything. He was supposed to lose 5 pounds in 3 months 3 years ago and he still hasn't. I swear it's a guy thing. I wish you the best of luck! emoticon emoticon by the way your menu looks very yummy!
    1937 days ago
  • _MOBII_
    Sorry about your moms friend :(

    If hubby is in the other room and doesn't come when you call him and won't tell you what he is doing...he is probably doing something that he shouldn't be doing (the same rule applies to children, for future reference *wink*)

    When I get skin breaks, I use Desitin...makes me feel like a toddler, but it works *le sigh*

    1938 days ago
    That's crazy high calories for a roll :(

    Menu looks yummy. I have been taking fit it off when doing a workout other than walking as well.

    Enjoy your evening.
    1938 days ago
    Tell Paulo that we need his help to upgrade our lost weight guildie from leather to mail.

    I hate tricky calorie counts. I was on a work trip and my co-worker was so pleased that she picked up something healthy for us for breakfast and lunch instead of the usual meals out. It turned out that her muffins were 600 calories each (who eats half a muffin??) and the noodle bowls for lunch were almost 800 calories (a portion was 1/3 of a bowl. Who eats one third of a self-contained lunch bowl??).

    Sorry to hear about the skin issues. I finally had to go to a dermatologist because I've had a rough patch that's been bad for a couple years now. Luckily, the stuff he gave me cleared it up within a couple weeks. It's weird how bodies seem to rebel, isn't it?

    Your menu is giving me ideas. I really want to try something with black beans soon, and mushroom swiss burgers sound amazing.
    1938 days ago
    on the sales! That's great!!

    Feh on the bakery! lol But now you know what damage danish and donuts do.

    Don't agonize about the Hubs. The minute he can't stand on one leg and put his underwear on, or bend over to tie his shoes without day it'll hit him...And you will take the high road and NOT say I told you so. Men...*sigh*

    Would you mind sharing your recipe for the lentil soup with sweet potatoes and spinach?? I am in need of variety!
    1938 days ago
    you crack me up :)
    1938 days ago
    Those stuffed peppers sound DELISH!

    I have also fallen prey to the multi-info packages... Stupid things! Good for you, cutting it in half. I probably would have just a) eaten the whole thing or b) skipped the bread altogether. You're walking the middle line perfectly!
    1938 days ago
    Half portions are a b1tch, but they can help you taste the food you like without taking all the calories. The key is to stop in half, I don't always achieve it...
    The menu for the week looks yummy!

    emoticon emoticon
    1938 days ago
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