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****at home sick - woe is me****

Monday, January 28, 2013

I have been battling a bug since Wednesday and this morning I woke up sounding like Morgan Freeman. I took off work and immediately made a doctor's appt. I was actually a little excited to see my doctor because I havent seen him since I the start of my journey when I was initially seeking weight loss surgery. He gave me the approval but he also expresed his disappointment. He felt that I was fully capable of doing it on my own and that my real issue was an emotional one. I love my doctor. He and I share the same faith and he is very compassionate. I took his words to heart and prayed hard on it and ultimately decided against weight loss surgery. For the first time, I was looking forward to going to his office, getting on the scale and showing him what I accomplished. I was also looking forward to antibiotics! Suprisingly the doctor's digital, high-tech scale had me at 220 lbs and 12 oz fully clothed. That leads me to believe that I am actually less than the 220.6 lbs my home scale has me at. YAAAYY!!! Dr. Todd was so excited about my weight loss and he asked a ton of questions about how I did it. Ironically, he asked me how much further I wanted to go. I told him I didn't knoe for sure and brought up the BMI suggestion. He stopped me mid-sentence and said "163 pounds isn't healthy for you so don't worry about that. You are healthy, you are confident and you are feeling good. I am happy where you are at and would just suggest that you assess every few pounds or so." That was great confirmation for me.

Last night I went to the gym with the hopes of sweating out whatever was ailing me. I know that is stupid and irresponsible. To my defense, I did a sinus rinse and gargle with salt water before hand just to lessen the symptoms temporarily. I washed my hands like crazy and wiped down everything I touched in the gym. I managed to survive an hour and twenty minute hill interval on the treadmill without hacking. I even got in ten minutes of strength training. I then thought that perhaps sitting in the sauna would be a good idea. Bad idea. I began hacking immediately and had to leave. While I was on the treadmill my old bootcamp instructor approached me. She said she didn't even recognize it was me until she seen my fiance. She also said that I looked tired and worn (guess I should have stayed home).

Looks like I will be stuck at home the next two days while the antibiotics kick in. I will try ti support my Sparklers in between naps. Have a succesful day!
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