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Daisy Award

Monday, January 28, 2013

I am so excited, humbled and shocked to be the recipient of the Daisy Award! I am still away working, this morning when I finished my 12 hour nightshift, my manager and director arrived and were just chatting and hanging about, then the father and grandmother of one of my patients (he passed away last month) arrived to visit. Weird, but ok! Then everytime I tried to leave work I was delayed by something that someone needed to tell me or do, even though I was off the clock! Also I never finish early but today I was done super early! As I was about to leave I noticed some "official" people heading towards our unit with a huge congratulations banner! I made a comment to my manager and was getting ready to leave, she told me to hold tight, still no idea what was about to happen! They came into our unit and said that they had this prestigious award for someone in our unit, we are small and I was wondering who this amazing and extraordinary nurse was, when they said my name! I was shocked and teary, they then went on to read my nomination and it was about my patient that had passed away and what I had done for him and his family! I was deeply touched.
I am supposed to be sleeping but am so overwhelmed and reeling from this experience! Those of you that are nurses, know all about the Daisy Award!
There were lots of photos being taken, I am very shy and embarrassed about being the center of attention, so will see how they turn out, especially after a busy night shift! There is going to be a big banner in the PICU as well as I am going to be featured on the TV screen outside our cafeteria! These are a few photos that I have taken today and I will take some more when I go back to work tonight, this morning I was too overwhelmed to really think about it

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