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Some Things I'm Learning

Monday, January 28, 2013

Okay, so every now and then, you have to stop and think about what you've learned. Here's a brief list of things that have been impressed on my mind lately.

1. I need to eat more fish. emoticon

2. Pre-packaged fish has some truly viable options, such as: Crown Prince No Salt Added Sardines & Polar Smoked Kipper Snacks (can I use brand names?). Both of these are low in sodium for packaged fish, and the kippers in particular are VERY yummy.

3. In a pinch, some of the Bumblebee Sensations tuna w/crackers are workable, though higher in sodium than I'd prefer, and the flavors are just "okay". Nothing to brag on here, but useful if I have to grab something quick or for last minute changes to plans.

4. I seriously lack motivation to get up early to exercise all by myself. My stated wish is to be up early, walk or run or do something before getting ready for the day. Only...the alarm goes off and I roll back over. Would really love a partner to get up and go do things with - meeting someone else who's relying on me would get me up and out. (This lack of motivation is part of my indecisiveness about registering for the Crescent City Classic pace is very different than everyone else I know who is going in it, and I would be "alone", even lined up in different starting groups. That right there is almost a deal-breaker in I really want to train hard for 2 solid months to run alone, to not have someone I know and trust alongside me through the route?)

5. Having a hunk of king cake early in the day is a bad leaves me with sugar cravings that cannot be appeased, and a hunger (from taking in mostly carbs, not enough protein) that won't go away. Couple that with going to a double parade, and there being only junk food available (cotton candy, snowballs [better than snocones], fast food, etc), and it amounts to a rough day on the food tracker (though I walked a lot, danced a lot, got hit on [yep! :-D], etc.).

6. I waste way too much time. Not much to be said on this one, except to affirm its truth.

So, there you have a tiny little piece of my mind...hope it doesn't mess you up too much. ;)
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    Nikki, they are often higher in sodium, but the ones I buy are not...I can spend 30 min in front of the tuna section at Wal-Mart, trying to find something I'd consider eating. I finally found these 2 that I mention in the blog, and there is a very low sodium canned tuna, too...can't remember which brand right now, but the label has a lot of gold on it, and it actually has "Very Low Sodium" on the can.
    The kippers are really, really good, if you like smokey flavors. But, if you don't get the Polar brand, you'll end up with 3x more salt, or more.
    Now, I'm gonna get on wi' my bad self and go be sexy. (Nobody around to hit on me tonight, tho, darn!)
    2211 days ago
    Look at you getting hit on! You are just to sexy for your own good! I actually prefer to run by myself. It gives me time to be with my own thoughts. However, I prefer to walk with someone else. Weird, I know.

    I have never gotten into sardines or anchovies and they actually scare me. I hear they are pretty salty too.
    2211 days ago
    I eat fish quite a bit, but like you find it hard to take to work for lunch. I usually eat it at home.
    I understand how you feel about the 10K. When my walking buddy backed out on me last fall to not do the 5K with me, I talked my hubby into going last minute so I wouldn't be alone.
    The mardi gras party sounded like fun. Don't worry about messing up food choices for the day. Tomorrow is a new day.
    emoticon emoticon
    2213 days ago
    I agree about the fish and it just kind of happen for me two months ago to eat fish two days a week--I usually eat salmon because it is easy to prepare and I buy the individually packed ones from Walmart. So two day, I do not have to wonder about what I will eat.

    You will be surprise if you decide to try the walk out, there will be someone there that your can partner up with. I usually go along to do things that my friends are not interested in and I always end up with a partner. I learned to do that when I goat a divorce about 20 years ago.

    About the king cake, there is always tomorow. emoticon
    2213 days ago
    Yeah, I plan on fresh/frozen, too...but it's not practical for carrying to work, when I often can't reheat anything. I go for salads a lot, and something canned works really well if I can control the sodium.
    2213 days ago
    You'd be surprised how easy it is to make fresh fish a part of your day too :) You can get frozen filets from Walmart preportioned in about 4oz pieces and you can poach or bake them from frozen and add them to dishes (I'm partial to salmon pesto pasta with goat cheese and frozen veggies :) ).
    2213 days ago
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