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New Years Resolution a Bust?

Monday, January 28, 2013

Every year it happens. You start a New Year’s resolution and poof you’re back on the couch watching Dr. Oz talk about getting healthy again. Why does this happen? Some could say laziness others might say lack of motivation, call it what you will. New Year’s resolutions don’t work for a lot of reasons but never one good enough to justify quitting.

My question to you is, did this New Year’s resolution already turn into a bust? If you said yes then it’s time to take a deeper look at what you are trying to accomplish! Shallow goals = busted results. I hear it all the time, “I just want to lose 10 pounds to look good for spring break.” When you don’t see results are you out the door?

Are you a finisher or a talker?

Out of the millions of people that buy P90X or Insanity how many do you think actually finish? My guess is less than half finish these programs. I believe the main reason why most don’t finish is for two reasons, 1 – they don’t have support and 2 – they don’t have a strong enough why. Dropping 10 pounds to look good in a swimsuit isn’t a strong enough reason to stay with it.

I always see people that post about starting a new fitness program but rarely see anyone posting about finishing. Are you one of those people? What are you doing to do make sure you aren't? Like I said above I think it breaks down to two things. Support is key to success. That is why there are support groups all over Spark People and facebook. You want to surround yourself with people that are creating positive change and doing the right things. I know that those who have support are more likely to fall in that upper half!

Are you just a talker?

I hear it all the time, the talker… Someone that gets started with P90X and talks a big game but never backs it up. The excuses start to pour out and “something” gets in the way. To them they are real excuses - I have to work late, my kid won’t let me get 60 minutes in, blah blah blah… I have heard them all and for every excuse I’ve hear the opposite. Some that finds away to get it done.

Are you going to be the bottom feeder that is all talk but no game? Or are you going to do whatever it takes? Are you going to be the person that has to be up by 6 am but does a 90 minute yoga workout at 10:00 pm. Are you going to plan out your meals because you only have 10 minutes for lunch at work?

Motivation starts within, and you can’t live off other people for motivation. You have to internalize it and make it part of your drive. Then the excuses just simply don’t matter anymore, and you find a way to be successful no matter what.

Have you already given up on your New Year’s resolution? Stop coming up with a million excuses not to do something and come up with one excuse to DO IT!

Yours in Health,

Nick Jarosh
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    i, like Bazookabobcat, don't make New Year's Resolutions either. To me, they have such a negative vibe about them. It's like you hear that someone made it and the first thought is "everyone fails with those" or "no one EVER keeps a resolution!". I'm on a path that I like for myself and my weight loss goals and I'm going to keep pushing forward on that path, even when it gets hard. I used to be a talker and one day it hit me: I didn't want to be a talker anymore. I had things I didn't like about myself and no one else was going to fix them or change them; I wasn't going to find a magic, overnight cure for the things I wanted to improve. It was up to me. And I didn't wait until a new year's eve one year to make that decision!

    Lovely, motivational blog, by the way!
    1969 days ago
    Love the dedication! Keep it gals!
    1969 days ago
    I find that people make New Year's Resolutions and treat them like Campaign Promises: keep 'em if they're convenient, drop 'em if they're not.

    I don't start fitness programs, per say, I just add hobbies. I got tired of being weak, so I started Rock Climbing and Pole Dancing (weight training is boring for me... LOL). I now boulder 2-3 times a week. I haven't "completed" the program, because it's a never-ending cycle: if you stop doing things, you body goes back to the way it was!

    I may not be able to climb forever, but there are hundreds of hobbies out there waiting for me to get addicted to them!
    1969 days ago
    I don't make New Years Resolutions. But when I want something, I push for it. Always.
    1970 days ago
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