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Monday, January 28, 2013

Psst you...yes you the one with the nasty attitude. Do you have a few minutes to chat with me? Don't roll your eyes the things I have to say will change your view about yourself and those around you. Wait...wait put that coke down get some water trust me you will thank me later. I have an idea lets walk and talk. No sitting down and munching does not make a conversation better. Ok you are fine exactly the way that you are and yes you are enough. Yes you are completely different from all of your friends but that is ok that is what makes you Shamika. Here us a shocker your mom is right while you are spending so much time trying to fit in with them you will find out later they wanted to be like you. Don't be so hard on your dad yes he made mistakes but he loved you very much. Let him know that you love the birthstone ring instead of getting mad that you did not get a necklace like your sister(oh yeah do a better job putting your ring up someone is going to steal it freshman year). Tell him that you forgive him, and still love him because you are going to lose him in a few months, and that will forever be one of your what its. Speaking of parents tell your mom you love her more understand that she us human, and doing the best that she know how which by the way is a Damn good job. She is your best friend, and you will always feel that way so remind her often. Please please please don't lose your voice, and stop going along to get along. Food will never make you feel better than telling people how you really feel. Stay active you like moving. Those boys if you make them wait guess what they will, and the ones who won't don't worry because none of them are right for you. You will kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince but don't worry you are going to have some great friends to past the time with. Most importantly I want you to know through the good and bad your life is Blessed and you have experiences that no one else can say that they have. Love yourself first and always.

Love always
Grown and wiser
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