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Lazy day Sunday

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Today was my chance to sleep in. I don't work Sundays and my son was actually off for a change. I even remembered to undo the alarm on my phone for today...problem is that I was up at 4am again. Well, closer to 4:30 this time, but at that time, does being exact REALLY matter?

I know I had a bad dream at some point last night, not a nightmare really, just unpleasant. But that's not what woke me up. My beau came back in and laid down with me, but I was unable to get back to sleep. He is one of those short-sleep people, I am not sure if that's the right term for them, but he gets by on 4-5 hours of sleep a night...as for myself, these 4 a.m. days are forcing me into bed around 7-8 at night because I cannot function on less sleep.

I didn't even feel like a nap today, and Sunday is my normal sleepy day! Don't get me wrong, I am dragging butt today, I am tired and having a hard time focusing on anything for long, just unable to sleep. It's extra frustrating when I walk into the kitchen to refill my water and come out 20 minutes later having done the dishes and still don't have water...same goes for other things that I got up to do, then had to go again to actually do it!

Let's see...I got whipped by the computer player for racquet ball on the Kinect 4 days ago and my shoulders are finally recuperated. They weren't injured, just fatigued, lol, it was one of those good kind of soreness'. (Not enough sleep = bad grammar, sorry!)

Today, I cleaned off one of my bakers racks and got all my empty moving boxes out and stacked on the sofa...I am going to need a LOT more boxes! I was also just pleasantly surprised since I have been struggling with my water again...I just went in to fill up my water container that I keep with me at all times, it hold 3.5 cups....I just emptied out my zero water pitcher! I filled it up around noon today, which means that I've had more than a gallon of water today! Of course, it will all catch up with me tonight when I am trying to sleep I am sure!

I did get some exercise in on Saturday, we don't have a cleaning person at work and since I need the money and the drivers at work are oinkers....after I got my reports ran, I took out all the trash in the building, wiped things down in the break room, swept, mopped, and vacuumed the dispatch office too.

My endeavor this week is going to be researching a bit on helping my liver out. When I had all the testing done for my gallbladder, I also was dx with a fatty liver. Over the last week or two, I have been having a bit of discomfort like I did before they removed my gb and my tummy has been kinda puffy.
Not only because of the physical discomfort, but I want to make sure that ALL of me is getting healthier! For some reason, the dx of 'fatty liver' makes me more upset than the fact of having a bum gallbladder! (Almost everyone in my family had their gb removed).
The liver is the second largest organ in your body (skin is the largest), and it really is an amazing organ. Did you know that they can remove 90% of your liver and over time, it will regenerate? Not even your brain cells will do that!

I have been fascinated with the human body ever since I had a library card. I am pretty sure I was the only 12 year old checking out Grey's Anatomy from the library! In all honesty...I returned Grey's early because I couldn't decipher too much of it, but I read a lot of the other anatomy and medical books....I am 41 now and still just as amazed by the human body!

You...me...all of us...WE ARE AMAZING!!!!!
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  • KAREN608
    I was just thinking that about drinking water last night, instead of snacking, that it would have me awake early. I woke at 10 to 4am to 'go'. But it was 6 hours of sleep at least and some quiet time for me this morning. I've been getting a few naps in a week even if the bedroom is cold. I choose to drink the water even at night as I am still trying to learn how not to eat at night, a hard habit to break but now I have acid reflux when laying down so a good thing to learn. The body IS amazing, and I used to check every book out of my school library too.
    1943 days ago
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