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BLC #17 Fitness Goals and WUB 1

Sunday, January 27, 2013

For the sake of brevity (and currently my sanity), I'm going to combine my BLC #17 Fitness Goals and Weekly Update Blog (WUB) for this first week into one blog post. :) Sorry if it gets a little lengthy, but I'll try to be succinct.

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BLC #17 Fitness Goals

With my husband F moving away last week and my new room mate J moving in, I've been forced to really consider how my daily life and schedule is going to change. In particular, I have two small dogs who need a lot of attention, affection, and potty breaks. I'm a PhD student in evolutionary biology and tend to spend crazy-long hours on campus, and I have heavily depended on having my husband here to help with the dogs (among other things). My room mate has offered to help a bit with dog-duty, but in many ways I'm going to have a lot more household and dog-related chores than I've been used to doing solo. I don't mind it, I'm just worried about time, especially because I don't live very close to campus and my lab bosses do expect me on campus for large chunks of time regularly (although they are being very understanding and accommodating given my changing situation).

So, sitting down to reschedule my, well, whole LIFE has actually been a good opportunity to think about my weekly fitness goals not only for BLC #17 but also beyond. I already had designated fitness times scheduled into my day, but now I am being far less vague about those times. Instead of blocking off a spot that says "40 min to exercise", instead I need to pick specific gym days, etc. I don't know how well this is going to work with my schedule, honestly, but it's worth a try.

My body seems happiest (and ready to shed weight) when I'm getting at least 200 minutes of cardio each week. It's even better when I'm getting 250-300 minutes. Weight loss is very slow and difficult for me, but the more cardio I get, the more easily I'm able to lose. However, for me it truly takes a lot of cardio to lose really any weight at all.

Months where I've lost a reasonable amount have been 500 minute months. Better months are 750 minute months. Best are 1,000 minute months. So, in making my new, improved schedule I have allotted **320 minutes per week** (5.3 hours) for fitness. Most of that (~250) will be cardio. That will give me a 1,000 minute month every month.

Realistically, I know that I will have busy weeks (like this one), where I don't meet my goals. But, by budgeting the time in, I'm hoping it will help me more consistently make 750-1000 minute months rather than those 500-minute months I've been getting lately.

Here's the plan:

Mon: (morning) Bike for 20 min, (evening) Gym for 45-60 min [incl. ST]

Tue: (evening) Bike for 40 min + stretch + possible toning (if time)

Wed: (evening) Gym for 45-60 min [incl. ST]

Thu: (evening) Bike for 40 min + stretch + possible toning (if time)

Fri: possible free day; otherwise (evening) Bike for 40 min + stretch + possible toning (if time)

Sat: (morning) Gym for 45-60 min [incl. ST]

Sun: (morning) Gym for 45-60 min [incl. ST]

The hope is that this will give me, on average, 6-7 days of cardio and 3-4 days of ST/toning. I haven't scheduled in a specific free day because it's better for my schedule if I float those days. However, if I get to the end of a week and I've been able to meet my cardio goals, I will give myself liberty to take Fridays off (especially because my husband will be coming home those nights!).

Also, this scheduled time does not include the other fitness I do that I do not typically track, including my stair running (10-15 breaks from the lab where I run/climb up and down flights of stairs to music) or short walking breaks. Also, this scheduled time does not include my walk to and from parking (usually over a mile a day), although I do typically track these minutes. They just don't count toward my weekly cardio goals.

Overall, I'm a pretty active girl these days, far more active than I was this time last year. Unfortunately, I still have to work a LOT harder to get rid of this extra weight. But it WILL come off, eventually!!

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WUB 1:

Well, what a week. I'm actually really glad it's over. First, this was my first week ever as a team co-leader. I'm really enjoying it, and I hope that I'm offering good support to my team. So, that was positive about this week. Now on to the grumbly stuff. Heh.

Moving sucks, even if you're not the one who is actually doing it. My husband moved out last weekend, leaving the house a wreck. My new room mate officially moved in, meaning I had to dismantle and clear out my home office/guest room/exercise space. My apartment is only about 950 s.f., which is good sized for two adults and two dogs, but cramped for three adults and two dogs. At least one of those adults (my husband) is only here on weekends. :(

So, my house was in chaos. I've been spending every free moment from campus trying to put the disheveled back together again. I painted my bedroom and emptied it of furniture so I could rearrange it to accommodate not only bedroom furniture but also now my home office. It's a super tight squeeze, but I did it. Now only re-organizing the big closet and the living and dining rooms remain. I also had to clear out closet, bathroom, kitchen, and basement space for my new room mate... sigh. It's been hard. At least she's been a lovely room mate so far, and very understanding (and helpful) about the chaos). :)

However, other than walking to and from parking every day and all the undocumented strenuous house work I did cleaning, organizing, painting, etc. I really didn't exercise. I kept hoping to. I wanted to squeeze in time, but I just didn't have it to give. I meant to go yesterday, but my husband was home and we spent so much time doing errands, packing more stuff, cleaning & organizing that, yet again, I didn't make it. I'm staying up until past midnight every night moving furniture and stuff, then getting up and going to lab from 7am until 6pm. And then there's my poor dogs. They're so nervous with all this chaos.

I'll be so glad when it's over. The good news? My diet has been pretty ok. Not enough water several days, but not terrible overeating. Some junk on Friday, but stayed within or very close to my calorie limits every day. I consider that a success, especially with all the stress and chaos.

Oh, and I took the stairs every day this week, as promised! Streak of 1 week, so far. :) 5 more weeks to go to beat my previous streak!

So, other than my fitness goals listed above, for Week 2 my goals are:

1) Focus on my water (how convenient, it's a weekly challenge this week, too!). Get at least 10 cups per day.

2) Keep taking the stairs everyday! Gotta beat that previous streak!

3) Do stair running at least once this week.

4) Take 15 minutes at bed time to relax by reading, resting, etc. I don't pray or meditate, but reading a pleasant story is very peaceful to me.

5) Get at least 6.5 hours of sleep each night this week (no more 4.5 hour nights!)

OK, 5 simple goals, for a simple, pleasant life. I'll also try to do at least one What I'm Proud Of blog this week, since it's been ages.

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That's it for now! Until next time...
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