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Lynda's A-Z

Sunday, January 27, 2013

This has been going around off and on for awhile so I decided to fill it out just for fun - hope you enjoy it!!

A- Available or married. I've been married to Tom since January 1, 1991 – 22 years!
B. Book- I'm currently reading 'Fat Chance' by Dr. Robert Lustig – highly recommend it!!! Other recent books are “Why We Get Fat” by Gary Taubes and a variety of reference books for classes or personal interest – don't really 'read' those, just bits and pieces here and there.

C. Cake or Pie – Boy, I don't know whether to say 'neither' or 'both' – trying to stay away from ALL sweets so I guess I'll say 'neither' but back in the olden days, would have said Angel Food Cake and/or my Aunt Annie Lee's pecan pie – yum, yum, yum but must be at least 50,000 calories per bite!
D. Drink of choice – Water, coffee, Constant Comment or Rooibos/Cinnamon tea

E. Essential item – Good footwear that supports my feet properly [plus my orthotics!] - and lately I have to add Topricin Foot Therapy Cream as ESSENTIAL
F. Favorite Color – I have lots of favorites – green, pink, red, blue, purple – depends on context

G. Games to Play or Watch - Solitaire

H. Hometown. I live in Orange, California – spent most of my childhood in La Crescenta, California

I. Indulgence- Hanging out in bed with a cup of coffee in the morning
J. Job – College professor teaching marketing and business classes online
K. Kids and names- Son, Edward – close friend I call a daughter, Joyce – 4-legged 'kids' are dogs Princess and Moani, cats Bitsy, Midnight, Oreo, Whiskers and Keiki

L. Life is incomplete without – My husband, family and friends of course but I would also say without my dogs
M. Music group – Led Zepplin, Beatles, other groups from the 60s-70s
N. Number of Siblings – 2 brothers, 1 sister

O. Oranges or Apples – both. Minneola Tangelos are my favorite citrus, not really an orange but close

P. Phobias/ Fears - Spiders and heights.
Q. Favorite Quote – The Serenity Prayer – “God Grant me Serenity to Accept the Things I Cannot Change; Courage to Change The Things I can; and Wisdom to Know the Difference.”

R. Reason to smile – Animals, babies, flowers, trees, nature, mornings – too many things to list
S. Season - Spring and Fall - Not too hot and not too cold

T. Tattoos- None

U. Unknown fact about me - I am ~1/8th Cherokee, although you would never guess by looking at me!

V. vegetable – Mushrooms, tomatoes, artichokes

W. Worst Habit – I talk too much and sometimes interrupt others [ADHD takes over!]

X. x-ray - dental

Y. Your favorite food - Berries

Z. Zodiac- Pisces

OK, now it's YOUR turn!
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