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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Moderate Exercise Prevents Ovarian Cancer' says the article. If you haven't had ovarian cancer that may motivate you to exercise. Nice. If you have had ovarian cancer [as I have] then it sounds like it was your fault that you got it. Nasty.
I was exercising regularly when I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of ovarian cancer. In fact, I discovered it myself doing Superman back arches on the floor. That is unusual, since it usually goes undiscovered for a long time.

The first support meeting I went to after surgery presented a speaker who told about how eating vegetables and fruits could prevent cancer. Too late for this audience. I never went back to the group.
I have since learned to forgive these well-intentioned but thoughtless people. Never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity.
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    Love this line: "Never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity. "
    Stupidity is much easier to forgive than malice.
    What a blessing that you discovered the cancer early. Both women that I know who had ovarian cancer were only diagnosed after the cancer was widely spread, both went through aggressive treatment and died within 8 months of diagnosis. Incidentally, both of these women were pictures of health before the cancer was discovered. emoticon
    1943 days ago
    I am so happy for your miracle in early detection. Your ability to forgive - divine! The Best is yet to come - Woo Hoo! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1943 days ago
    Some people can do everything absolutely "right" and still develop cancer - medicine totally doesn't have enough information to truly say what causes or prevents this disease.

    So yeah, you get to ignore some of what these "experts" say - because what they say isn't always true.
    1944 days ago
    Your blog touched a reactive spot with me for two main reasons.

    I seem to have some strong feelings about the pieces of mis-information which mislead people. I like my ideas to be sound, based on fact.

    And secondly, we all can learn to actively look after our mental state, to be active in our thinking in relation to incoming ideas and to learn that our forgiveness (of other peoples' thoughtlessness, disregard or damaging arrogance) heals us, whereas our anger continues to feed tension and unhappiness.

    There are many people in this world who adopt an aura of superior knowledge, and go on to distribute mis-information and hurt in all directions with gay abandon. We as a race seem to passively absorb what confident people say, unless we are knowledgeable in that area.
    As well, there are bandwagons of simplistic beliefs which are eroneous and cause people to judge each other - sweeping statements.

    For an example or three:
    1. Smoking causes lung cancer. People then believe all lung cancer is caused by smoking, and conversely that if you don't smoke you won't get lung cancer. 3 of the 4 people I know who died from lung cancer had no connection to smokers or to asbestos as far as we know.They still copped the hovering cloud of blame.
    2. Eating badly, being obese and not exercising causes heart disease, so people think heart disease can be avoided by 'eating healthily' and exercising in certain ways. My husband, a skinny, fit, physically active working farmer, had a heart attack at 59 and does not fit the popular myth for the causes of heart disease. His heart specialist says that exercise and diet are probably about 10-20% of the equation. Would he have said that to me if I had been the patient? More likely, there would have been embarrassment, guilt and disapproving lectures about leading a healthy life! There is a public belief that we cause our illnesses, and that thin people will not die young..
    3. The healthy foods pyramid is one of the worst fallacies, I believe. According to more than one source, it was the brainchild of lawyers/marketers of the American wheat farmers and was designed in order to improve the wheat sales permanently. It has starches as the food we must eat the most servings of in a day. (Dieticians and gastro type doctors, so the story goes, believing it was the outcome of much learned consultation, have adopted it as their own without further ado! Prior to this, most populations used starches one at a time, and not in every mealnecessarily.) The pyramid so developed is used worldwide now, as a recipe for eating healthily - taught in schools, hospitals and homes. The general idea is that if you follow the guidelines, you will stay healthy and possibly inside the acceptable weight range.

    Perhaps greed does cause obesity!

    Soap box over!! emoticon

    I am glad you are healing and that you are looking after your mental wellness too.

    I admire the way you have handled yourself in the face of difficulty and in learning what is easy to know and hard for us to do...getting past the hurt and anger and realising that the way others behave is more about them than us. So instead of staying angry, we learn how to re-frame our take on the situation and forgive their ignorance.

    Blessings to you, Clare emoticon

    1944 days ago
    We can blame cancer on a lot of things both done or not done. I think most people would rather blame anything other than random chance.

    I'm glad that you are with us today. emoticon
    1944 days ago
    No one is to blame but Eve. If she wouldn't have been where she shouldn't and have done what she was told not to, she wouldn't have opened the door for the devil to afflict and deceive. We do have a resource however--prayer. Will be sending one up for you. emoticon
    1944 days ago
    Truth is we all know fundamentally that a healthy lifestyle will help prevent a multitude of illnesses. However, there is no guarantee in life that you won't become ill. When people write these articles, I'm sure it's meant to inform the readers, but for those of us who have gone through the disease it can come across like we are to blame. Life is full of obstacles, who can say exactly why one person's obstacles presents itself in the form of a disease. What is important is how we cope with the obstacles and what kind of person we choose to become in the end.
    1944 days ago
  • JACKIE542
    So happy you discovered this, and that you are with us today.
    There is no specific reasons to many heath issues many people get. They certainly should not make us feel responsible when we have done everything right. emoticon


    1944 days ago
    Having helped friends and family through their variety of cancers, I have noticed and resented the messages that we cause our own
    cancer. And are responsible for whether we
    heal or not. Sure, we can make healthier
    choices, but there are a lot of variables
    that go into the equation. To put the
    blame and responsibility on those with
    cancer is just unfair. Congrats on being a healthy survivor.
    1944 days ago
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