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Doing great

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Everything went well in the past week.

The best thing is that I no longer struggle with mindless overeating in the evening:
I haven't done that at all for 12 days now, and I wasn't even tempted to.
Funny how effortless it is when well I'm in a positive, focused state of mind!
On the contrary, when things go out of control and I get in the mood, it feels impossible.

Also I haven't tracked food for 2 weeks, but I'm able to control my portions by recalling size of meals I measured and tracked in the past.

My weight has been consistently in the goal range, showing a downward trend.

I'm making a slow progress in weight training, emphasis on slow: doing pushups, barbell squats + deadlifts + shoulder press, and assisted pullups.
Weight training is strange. Doing it is actually less fun than running, but makes me feel even better after the workout. In the morning I always feel some resistance against starting the workouts, but after finishing I often feel like doing a few more sets later during the day, or next day. (I don't do it.)
The weights are still small (36 pounds) but it makes a difference: I feel stronger.
Pushups are easier. I can hold myself with my elbow in right angle on the pullup bar - not a big deal but I was never able to do that before so I call it progress.
Climbing stairs is effortless.

There is one bad thing, though: my quads are getting tight.
I haven't had this problem since I added walk breaks to my runs (4:1), so I think it is related to the weight lifting. I'll try to give my thighs more rest, so I'll make Monday a rest day. That gives me 3 runs and 3 weight lifting workouts.

I'm doing the weight lifting at home and I have no rack, so my barbell is placed on a pile of large books on the floor.
That will be a problem with the squat: as the weight gets heavier, I soon won't be able to lift the bar above my head to place it on my back.
I would rather not have a rack in our flat, I don't want to go to a gym and I don't have a garage... I'll need to find some solution for this.
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