Week 6 - Half Marathon Training and MORE

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Today's assignment was walk 4 miles, Brisk. I had set the goal of 1:10:00. I was able to make it in 1:09:26. Made it with 34 seconds to spare! Next weeks assignment is 7 miles. I did 6 miles in 1:52:30 so I'm setting the goal for 2:12:30.

My kids did a Wonderful job with TV turnoff week. My four youngest (14,12,8 and 5) and I went at 6 last night for a GREAT experience. They had a scavenger hunt that send the kids all over the library, tons of stations making crowns, jester hats, face painting, scarf juggling, catapulting, jousting and much more! At 8 we went to the auditorium for a program and snacks. Afterwards we spread out our beds in our claimed spot. The kids went several times to the kids section and brought back armloads of books. We had fun reading them. And continued to do so by flashlight even after lights went out at 10. The part I hated was the sleeping part. I didn't come prepared and the floor was HARD! I definitely want to go back next year but I will be bringing a blowup mattress. I came home, and after a few errands, took a two hour nap. I would have stayed in bed forever but I knew I needed to get up to do my four miles.

I am LOVING my Fitbit!!! I'm finding ways to get more steps and flights of stairs in. Tonight, after grocery shopping for my family of 9, my family all came to help carry in groceries. Having a flight of stairs to get up to my front door I told my husband and strong sons to not come down and help. I carried all the groceries up to the front door and then they would take them into the kitchen. I'm thankful the men in my family are gentleman but this time by them NOT helping they are helping me get fit, healthy and strong!

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