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I Want to… Do a Pull-Up!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

In my life I have never been able to do pull-ups. I remember in high school I always felt like the weakest little girl because I couldn't do pullups like the rest of the guys. And I was weak. I was the prototypical 98-pound weakling.

Add to that, I started high school at a place that had phys ed two days a week every year for all four years. In second year I transferred to the public school where we were required to take PE five days a week for at least one year. So by the time you got to second year who was in PE? Jocks. And me. The wrestlers, football players, basketball players, runners, guy who liked to sweat. So when Coach asked for 20 pull-ups, I was the only one in my class who couldn't do 30. Or 10. Or even 3.

And that is so today. There is a perfect pull-up bar in the doorway to our family room. And I hit it often. But I squeeze out one or two several times a day. Push-ups? I'll give you twenty and ask if you want more. Pull-ups? Yeah, no.

I saw a fellow at the gym recently. Great big guy. One of the "I pick things up and put them down" guys. A meathead. The guy could lift 200 pounds no problem.

But he couldn't do a pull-up. Well, he could do one and struggled for two.

I felt so much better to see that the (metaphorical) big strong guy who kicked my ass in second year gym class couldn't do three pull-ups either.

Today Greatist had a good article called "I Want to… Do a Pull-Up!"

Illustration by Christopher Hardgrove


It's a three week plan that is suppose to build me up to doing pull ups. It makes the following claim:

"To nail that first pull-up or tack on a few to our personal record, (Greatist Expert and Equinox trainer Kelvin) Gary created a three-week plan to strengthen the back, chest, shoulders, arms, and core, so we can get up and at ‘em— literally. His prediction: After three weeks, we should be able to add up to five pull-ups to that total. Yep, that’s even if we can’t do one to begin with."

I figure like this. Even if it's balderdash, if I do the exercises, I will be getting a good workout. It is something I am going to try.

Three weeks.

Let's roll. Or pull.

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