A Realization from the Blindside

Saturday, January 26, 2013

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January 26th, 2013

I had a realization today that honestly sort hit me on the blind side. That realization was this:

"we really are an obese nation"

Ok, I knew that. But for some reason it hit me today, of all places at Walmart. Standing in line to check out I looked around and just sort of got sad for a moment. 4 of every 5 people were obese.

I know it's a very personal journey, it's a very personal decision that every person must make or not in their own time. I also know that sometimes people have to hit rock bottom before that decision is made. But dang it, it's still upsetting to me!!!

I just want to help people know that they can take their life back. There is no reason to suffer from obesity. I say suffer because I've been there. I know what it's like. It is a suffering that is completely reversible.

Then there is the other side of this equation, have we simply become so desensitized to obesity? Are we so used to this life style that we are numb to it and just get bigger? Have we really given up on our own health and our ability to change?

What about the example we are setting for our children? Does that not matter anymore? We should not be a "do as I say, not as I do" society. As a parent, my single most important role is setting the best example possible. That example encompasses everything in my life. Work ethic, they way I treat other people, the way I care for "stuff", everything I do....or don't do is an example to my family!

Research shows that obesity (and related diseases) kill more people every year than malnutrition does. Over 30,000 people will die this year because of obesity and related disease. STOP the madness. This is so unnecessary!!

It's way past time for us to step up to the plate and make changes. It's time to make lasting changes to our own health care plan. The kind of health care plan that we control ourselves. The plan where we control what food goes in our bodies. The kind of plan where we control the exercise and activity in our lives.

Your children deserve the best example possible
Your spouse deserves the best YOU possible
You deserve the best YOU possible!

If a tragic accident happened in your home, could you defend your family? If you had to physically help a family member who was injured, could you?

What if you learned to cook healthy meals? What if we stopped visiting McDonald's and other fast food restaurants? How about a walk a day, what kind of positive energy would that generate?

Have you ever asked yourself these questions? Maybe it's time we be really really honest with ourselves!

We must end this trend!

Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I know what you mean.
    I get sad looking around also,but then, I look at myself and know that I should have made changes a long time ago also. emoticon
    I think we are making it acceptable to be obese because we can't make people feel bad about themselves and we have the "every body's ok" mentality.
    Plus, it's so hard to make these changes and so easy to keep going, even if it's hurts to be obese.
    No easy solution to this problem. emoticon
    1892 days ago
    I totally agree with you. I wish that more people would take responsibility for their health and fitness.

    1939 days ago
    Awesome blog. We all need to be better role models. We should be our own role models, then we can be great role models for kids and others. It's not a fast journey but maybe it really is just one person at a time.
    1943 days ago
    Really hits home if you travel to other countries - even Canada is a LOT less obese than the US.

    Makes me sad to see how oblivious most people are to what they are doing to themselves.
    1943 days ago
  • PURPLE180
    I agree...I now see how obese our society is. I guess I didn't see it before because I was part of the statistics. Thank God for change and determination. This journey may not be easy but it is so worth it. It also saddens me to see people who seem like that just don't care and have given up. It also saddens me to hear people say they don't have time to work out or to cook healthy. My reply is we spend so much time sitting on our rears on the phone, watching T.V. or on the Internet if we use that time to cook healthy, plan meals and get in so sort of fitness we can all be successful. emoticon for the emoticon blog.
    1944 days ago
    Jerome, I think you hit it on target when you said how desensitized we have become. And face it, drug companies want to TREAT not CURE.

    1944 days ago
  • SKY214
    So very true. We need to reverse this trend.
    1944 days ago
    I love this. My family does deserve the best me possible! I needed to read this today.
    1944 days ago
    I am determined to be part of the solution! Great post. I work in a fancy coffee shop, and I can't tell you how many times I think to myself....Skip the whip!! You save a ton of calories that way. Have a great week! emoticon
    1944 days ago
    Well said.
    I am working on being part of the solution, it is hard, but I will persevere.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1944 days ago
    "It's a very personal decision that every person must make or not in their own time."

    So true. Whether it takes rock bottom or an ah-ha moment, it has to come (or not) in each person's time.

    I'm of about the same age as Speedydog, so I thought back to my school days and could recall only one really large person. Alice was mocked and ridiculed cruelly, I'm ashamed to admit, but today she would be more the norm. I also recall weighing all of 130 pounds at 5'7" and thinking how fat I was compared to the skinny cheerleaders.
    1944 days ago
    This is huge! You are so right on!!! I get so upset with the junk food manufacturers as well as the fast food places. All this junk is so addictive. We need better education and give more guidance to children when they are young. It is a critical mess!
    1944 days ago

    I checked out childhood obesity rates during the time I was growing up. I started school in 1963 and graduated from high school in 1975. I don't remember many fat kids in my classes. I found some statistics that during the 12 years I was in school the childhood obesity rate was around 5%. The other interesting fact is that even these "obese" kids tended to be on the lower side of obesity.

    Today, depending what study you read, childhood obesity is around 20%, and still climbing!

    Some studies I looked at cited "food choices" as a big problem. I am a simple-minded guy. I think "food amounts" are a big issue. Kids in my generation ate junk. They just didn't eat as much.

    I think the big difference is that kids today have a much lower activity level than the kids of days gone by. We were always in motion. TV was not very interesting. Video games had not been invented. Computers were the size of small houses and used only by business and Government. If you wanted to "friend" somebody, you got on your bike and rode to their house. "Social media" consisted of playing with your buddies.

    Those days are gone and kids just keep getting fatter. Heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure is now found in young kids.

    Thanks for you insightful blog.

    1944 days ago
    Insightful. Thanks.
    1944 days ago
    Great blog.
    1945 days ago
    I really enjoyed your blog. Definitely something to think about and put more into action. emoticon
    1945 days ago
    Awesome blog Jerome -- I am still learning every day, and I still have days where I don't make the food choices that are best, but when I see so many friends and relatives posting meals they're eating at restaurants that are just HUGE and very unhealthy, I see it differently than I ever have before. It truly is sad.

    I still remember when I first joined SparkPeople in August of 2010. Yours was one of the very first stories I read, and your journey continues to be a great inspiration to me. Thanks for taking the fight to the fat! emoticon
    1945 days ago
    I read an article recently that surmised that not only do overweight adults not realize they are overweight, but many parents with overweight children do not think their children are overweight. It really and truly is an epidemic, not only in the US but in Canada also. It's a North American thing, surely with its roots in the "we're rich and we can have anything we want, more is better" attitude prevalent across this contintent. You're right--it's sad, truly sad.

    1945 days ago
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