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Saturday, January 26, 2013

BLC bloggy topic asking along the lines of “how are you going to feel when you get to your fitness/weight goals?” And the short answer is, “Heck if I know!” (aka HIIK!, a very useful acronym).

The extended edition of this flick has alternate endings, one where I get to my (just defined on Thursday) goal of reaching a healthy weight as defined by BMI, and then deciding that I’m close enough to being under 150 and just go for that instead. There’s a second ending where I reach that weight, and then think, hey, I should build some muscle, and bulk back up a bit. Might have to save that idea for a sequel. And then there’s the theatrical release where I reach the goal weight and then just maintain ad infinitum. Of course, since we’re in the middle of the movie right now, you’re going to have to imagine it as if we were in that scene from Spaceballs (0), watching the current action.


Then there’s the entirely different aspect of “fitness” goals, which entails, being happy with what I have (1), bodywise. That might be a longer term project, since there’s more mental baggage on that airplane than on the single prop “simply weight” puddle jumper. It’s perhaps not quite as complicated as the Dreamliner and its ‘splodey batteries, but happiness for those with body image issue can be a moving target. So, where is that straight line, that I can hold up to the light, and say, “Yes, this is all right”? (2) HIIK! I’m hoping that somewhere in one of those three alternate endings, there’s a boarding pass to this particular flight of fancy.

It’s part of the reason that I didn’t start this trip with a hard and fast goal, that I wanted to lose THIS MANY POUNDS. For me, doing something like that would have been counterproductive, as in this particular endeavor, I’m better off with the open ended “just keep swimming, just keep swimming” (3)….I mean, “just keep trending downwards” approach. That lets me shrug off the upward bounces, or the plateau that I may be coming near the end of. As long as there isn’t that significant, and lasting shift upward, it’s all good. Sure, there are physical benchmarks I have in mind (less belly fat chief on the list, perhaps), but the more that I think about it, it really does seem like a case of “I’ll know it when I get there”.

And in saying that, maybe I’ve made a mockery of the entire HIIK! premise of most of this entry, that I haven’t a clue of how I’ll feel when I reach my goals. It sure does sound like the bottom line is that all I want is to have my peace of mind (4). So when I get there, when the war against the scale ends, when the war inside my head (5) ends…that’s when I’ll have achieved my goal. When I feel peace.

The songs/clips that flitted through my head during the construction of this post
0) Spaceballs: www.youtube.com/w

1) King crimson: www.youtube.com/w

2) Spock’s Beard www.youtube.com/w

3) Finding Nemo: www.youtube.com/w

4) Boston: www.youtube.com/w

5) Dream Theater: www.youtube.com/w

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  • ADZY86
    I have no idea what my goal looks like either. I set a random goal weight, not based on BMI or anything like that, which I will reassess the closer I get. I think I am aiming for a clothes size though, rather than a weight. But who knows?! I agree with CLPURNELL: I'm hoping one day I will just be able to look in the mirror and say 'you know what, you look good, you can maintain this, stay right here'. Fingers crossed...
    1909 days ago
    The goal is as you have said is to find that magic spot where you look in the mirror and say you know what i am happy here. We all have to find that we guess by throwing around a number but in essence we are all looking for that self satisfying body image whatever that is.
    1909 days ago
    What do we do, we swim.. swim...

    I'm with you on the HIIK thing. The "closest" I ever got to goal was 184 (And my goal is between 120-130, so not really that close..) and I know how wonderful that felt. But now that I've ballooned up to whale size, I feel like goal weight is unattainable, like I'll never get there. But, I'd love to know how it feels..
    1909 days ago
    Great blog. I get what you're saying here. I do have a weight goal, but it was an arbitrary number that I chose almost 2 years ago. I think I'd feel better surpassing it by 10-20 lbs, but I want to hit that original goal before moving the goal posts further down field.

    The mental baggage and body issues are the much more difficult tasks to wrap the head around. I know I'll never look like Daniel Craig or any other ideal that has been set before me, so when will I be able to accept me as I am? That is the much tougher question and the answer may take longer to find than any weight loss journey.
    1911 days ago
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